Intriguing Venue – Blue Note Napa

bluenote Blue Note Napa, which opened October 25, at the historic downtown Napa Valley Opera House with GRAMMY winning jazz trumpeter, Chris Botti, presents national and international artists, along with Bay Area and regional favorites, paired with the valley’s finest wines and craft brews, seasonal farm-to-table cuisine, and classic cocktails.

The new jazz venue will also be presenting performance in the second story Opera House Ballroom, featuring top name national acts, spanning many musical genres, as well as a private event space available for large groups.

Blue Note Napa is part of the iconic Blue Note Entertainment Group network, with music venues in New York, Washington D.C., Milan, Hawaii, Beijing and two locations in Japan, including the flagship Blue Note New York (celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2016).  The Napa location is operated by partners Jeroen Gerrese, originally from the Netherlands who now makes his home in Sacramento, and Ken Tesler, who moved his family to Napa six months ago from the East Coast.

“My family has been slowly migrating from New York to the west coast for the past 15-years so I have visited wine country a lot and I like wine,” said Tesler.  “I wanted to move here and I got this idea of why not have Blue Note on the west coast.  I called my good friend, Jeroen whom I’ve known for 35-years and he agreed to join me in bringing a quality jazz venue to the Napa Valley.”

The duo said they did a lot of market research and tried to find the perfect venue three years ago, but then the Napaquake happened and that delayed things.  Then serendipitous the space at the Napa Valley Opera House became available.

“I’ve been coming in and out of wine countries since the mid-80’s,” said Gerrese.  “I’ve been in the hotel industry for quite some time and find it attractive to be doing something in the Napa Valley.  The downtown area has accelerated significantly from where it was ten years ago.”

“We asked ourselves, what was lacking in Napa?” said Tesler. “You have wine tastings, now you have terrific restaurants, some great food and that “what else?” is music.  Sporadically you can find performances in Yountville or in downtown Napa, but not every day and we want to change that.”
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Intriguing Community Leader – Amanda Frances Fisher

amandafrances“Now is the seed from which later is planted,” describes Amanda Frances Fisher.

For nine years, Fisher has served as the program director for the Boys and Girls Club at Salvador Elementary School, an arts integration magnet school. Inspiring her community while partnering with many local agencies, she brings leadership skills, art, healthful eating, garden and environmental sciences to her students.

Born in Micronesia to a father who was a cultural anthropologist and a merchant marine, Fisher describes her earliest days embodying a welcoming positive outlook with a relaxed rhythm. “I continue to return to the ocean to find a spiritual sense of deep peace and food wise, I am drawn to the bounty of the ocean.”

Amanda developed strong bonds with friends at Vintage High School and fourteen years after graduating, she was drawn back to Napa after a near fatal illness. “I had a feeling of being a tumbleweed, a wanderer and while searching within to find home, I discovered it was Napa.” Amanda returned as a single mom and sole provider with two children, Kharma and Roanin, ages eight and six.

Amanda shares her passion for being a mother in harmony with nature, teaching ecology of nature through the arts, learning to share meaningful time, and teaching our interconnectedness with nature. “I built the Utopian dream here in Napa that my parents were chasing. Your tribe of chosen family is where you nurture it. Through deep relations one experiences belonging.”
by Janna Waldinger

Intriguing Pet- Aaron the Comfort Dog

aaronthedogAaron, a two and a half year old Golden Retriever will throw his big brown eyes at you and a smile can’t help, but escape your face.  His fur, soft as silk helps comfort those you are experiencing a tragedy or life’s uncertainty.  This canine is part of the K-9 Comfort Dog Ministries through the Lutheran Church Charities.  The local affiliate, St. John’s Lutheran Church adopted Aaron after his extensive training in Chicago becoming the first comfort dog in California.  He has two care givers and 10 handlers that take turns taking Aaron to nursing homes and recently to two local high schools to help grieving students when one of their own took their lives.  Aaron was also one of the Comfort dogs that went to Umpqua College following a mass shooting there.

According Craig Underhill, one of Aaron’s handlers, his church became aware of the Comfort Dog Program after five dogs were brought to Napa following the NapaQuake.  “We were able to experience what it was like to have this furry creature next to us.”

Aaron’s first major deployment was the tragedy at the Valley Fire in Lake County last year.   Aaron’s financial obligations are strictly through fund raising and stay outside of the church’s budget.  His handlers are all volunteers.  He even has his own Google Calendar, which stays quite full.

According to Underhill, these trained dogs have the ability to absorb all the emotions from people and help them with their healing process.  Aaron receives a lot of hugs.

See Aaron on Facebook at Aaron Comfort Dog


Intriguing Community Leader – Bernhard Krevet

bernardBernhard Krevet is an integrated gentleman with a mind to understand the mechanics of how the world is put together, a love for fine art, culture, architecture, music and a drive to sing. As president of the Friends of the Napa River since 2001, Bernhard has helped craft our Flood Control Project. Captain of the Vergnügen (Pleasure), he adorns the stern of his electric boat and says, “Anyone who lives in the Napa Valley ought to get on the river!”

Born in 1936, in Breslau, Germany, Bernhard lived the trials of war in Europe where his father died twelve days after World War II started in 1939.

In 1944, the Krevet family fled to communist-controlled East Germany where, as a rebellious, independent thinker, Bernhard refused to join the Communist Youth Organization. In search of freedom in 1952, he and his brother journeyed by bicycle 150 miles to West Berlin.

Eventually, Bernhard began training as a mechanical engineer at Volkswagen to understand how cars and the world work. With freedom to travel, Bernhard hitchhiked through Switzerland, Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey and Iran and, after returning to Germany, he joined IBM in 1960, when data processing was based on punch cards. He says he with a smile, “It was the ‘I,’ in ‘international’ that attracted me!”

Later, he joined the emerging education technology field developing CAI (Computer Assisted Instruction), a multimedia approach to education. In 1990, during the early age of the Internet, Bernhard joined IBM in Palo Alto and in 1996, along with his wife, Ursula, bought a house on the Napa River and continue to care for the waterway’s well being.


Intriguing Interior Designer – Rela Gleason

relagleasonRela Gleason, an esteemed Napa Valley interior designer, who’s work has appeared in Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, House Beautiful, and Veranda, divides her time between a multitude of creative enterprises. Whether she is growing cabernet, producing olive oils, working on custom design projects for clients nationally, developing CREMA in San Miguel Mexico (a café restaurant and mercantile) or taking a few moments to relax at her stunning 40-acre estate compound in Calistoga, she maintains an active lifestyle.

Rela infuses her true American style designs with her multi-cultural backgrounds. Born in the Middle East, raised in Belgium, schooled in New York and England with a degree in history, a passion for design books and fluency in four languages. She was the founder and creative director for Summer Hill Ltd., from 1985 to 2011 and is responsible for all of the designs in the company archives.

With her venture, Rela Gleason Design, she gets her inspiration from her clients themselves by getting to know them well so that their homes become a reflective portrait. Her projects include architectural, landscape and interior design with a classic, innovative style that is chic as well as user-friendly.

Beginning as weekenders to the Napa Valley they were drawn to the lifestyle, “casual, gracious and bound to the earth.” Their Napa Valley compound produces 100% Cabernet under their label Gleason. In addition, their olive oil produced from a grove of Tuscan-Varietal olives, is available at Acres Home and Garden St. Helena.

Currently, most of Rela’s attention is focused on her new project that specializes in house wares and gourmet foods in San Miguel.

Intriguing Siblings – Chelsea Cortese and Isaac Levine

thesiblingsChelsea Cortese and Isaac Levine are both Christmas babies, though born two years and two days apart.  The brother and sister pair are complete opposites.  Isaac, into extreme sports and the outdoors would often make launch ramps for his bike in the front yard when he was young.  He’s competed in motocross and mountain bike races and is an avid wake boarder and snowboarder.  He cherishes the simple things in life; fresh air, being outdoors and his pedals.  Isaac is well known as a bartender at Don Giovanni’s for 15 years.

Chelsea, was a dancer as a girl and was also into fashion.  She is a mother of two and spent a lot of time doing volunteer work and creating over the top parties for her kids and church.

Both say they have always been close as siblings and never fought.  A year ago that bond was tested when their mother, Kathy Levin, past away from cancer leaving behind a successful women’s boutique, IElle in Yountville and Sonoma. 

“We took over the reigns and split duties that reflected our strength,” said Chelsea.  “I never thought I would own a women’s clothing store,” said Isaac, who often let’s his female customers at the restaurant know when new merchandise arrives.

The dual agreed that together they would carry on their mother’s vision, passion and legacy.
“We are lucky to have each other,” said Chelsea. “Often times when siblings inherit a business or sum of money there is fighting or discourse. Not with us.”

Their motto as they move forward; YOLO – You only live once.


Intriguing Fashion Designer – Deborah Macdonald

deborahmcdonaldFollow your dreams and some day you will be living it, according to Deborah Macdonald.  Passionate about clothes and textures since she was a little girl, Deborah thought her career path would be fashion.  But her father convinced her if she received a law degree, she would never have to rely on anyone else and he stressed the importance of being independent. So she became a corporate attorney for 25-years.

“I’m grateful I did because it opened up a world and experiences to me I would never have had,” said Deborah.  
Her law experience helped her become more organized and have the skill set to negotiate with suppliers when she decided mid life to change gears and go into design and textiles.

“Fabric is a key design component in fashion and home décor.” She said. “The colors, weaves and textures are very expressive and add so much dimension to a look.  We want to live our lives three dimensional, not in a flat world.”

Deborah said it bothered her that she couldn’t have access to incredible fabrics when she was designing her own Napa home because they were only  available to trade. That’s when she started Textured Design Napa to give her clients access to trade-only fabrics.  Her negotiation skills kicked in and she was able to find distributors who would sell to her by the yard and not by the roll.

Deborah is also involved in a number of philanthropic causes in Napa including the Cultural Heritage Commission and Hospice & Adult Day Services.

Intriguing Woodworker – Eugene Justus

eugenejustisEugene Justus retired from the world of global finance, but he’s always been a lifelong woodworker.  Born and raised on a Michigan farm, woodworking wasn’t a hobby, but an integral part of farm life – to be self-reliant.  His International banking career took Eugene around the world where he said he always marveled at seeing buildings and furniture from handcrafted wood workmanship.  That inspired him to continue to build wood furniture in his garage.

Today, Eugene customizes “The Old Silverado Trail” California walnut tables for homes and wineries.  His precision eye and artistic handiwork, makes his one of a kind tables, a statement piece.  His tables are an intriguing touch to any room, but there is something else that makes Eugene truly amazing.

In 1999, Eugene traveled to Baltimore to obtain some original wood planking from the decommissioned U.S. Frigate Constellation, the first warship to be commissioned by the Continental Congress in 1797.  Today, the U.S.S. Constellation is moored in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and is visited by thousands each year.  Eugene obtained a copy of the original ship’s blue prints and was able to scale down the plans to recreate an exact replica of the constellation down to every detail. His project that took 13-years, was completed in 2004.  He handcrafted every piece and actually used the planking from the original ship in his model replica.   It’s the only model of its kind.  Historians and museums have asked Eugene for his model, but he said he plans to give his version of the U.S.S. Constellation to his son in his estate.


Intriguing Doctor/Vintner – Dr. Madaiah Revana

drrevanaFrom the heart of Houston to the heart of the Napa Valley, Dr. Madaiah Revana creates an ever-beating synergy between balancing his life as a successful cardiologist and overseeing all aspects of his successful winery, Revana Estate.

Dr. Revana’s journey began 10,000 miles away in a rural farming village outside Bangalore, India where he gained a keen sense of farming prowess from his family’s four generations in agriculture, and ultimately transcending to his own development in viticulture. His passion for medicine led him to graduate first in his class from India’s top medical college, and then continued his quest in the United States where he furthered his medical ventures and enhanced his education at Baylor.

Dr. Revana’s interest in wine became a passion in the early ‘90s collecting high-end French wines, which, ultimately, led him to the enjoyment of Napa Valley Cabernet. After coming across nine acres of land in the heart of St. Helena in 1997, he felt compelled to leap into the wine industry. His desire to take on an additional career making Cabernet Sauvignon is rooted in his love for both wine along with the rich tradition and culture of winemaking.

Inspired by a lifelong pursuit of knowledge, Dr. Revana is driven by curiosity and devotion to excellence. His accomplishments span 45 years in the field of medicine and 20 years in the fields of grapes. Revana Wine Portfolio currently produces wine estates in Napa, Oregon and Argentina. And always with a passion for enjoying what he does!

Intriguing Musician – Ross Rubin

musician“Won’t it be interesting to see how everything unfolds?”

Ross Rubin’s humor and sense of absurdity inspire him to write music.  For ten years he sat in his living room writing songs as responses in a conversation the world keeps engaging him in, while parenting his two sons, teaching middle school and managing honeybee colonies for wineries and private clients throughout the valley.  
Being selected to perform at BottleRock in 2014 after his wife, Michelle Erbs, submitted a gospel tune he’d written, gave him confidence to broaden the conversation with an audience.

His band, Jealous Zelig, smashes together many genres of music from Jazz/Soul to Classical to Country-Rock, and his electrifying energy becomes intoxicating when he performs.

He laughs about his musical training, “I was a terrible student and gave up piano lessons as a kid because I did not have the discipline to other than rely on my ear. The terrific, schooled musicians I am humbled to create with tell me those deficits, combined with the passion I have, result in a unique style that jolts them out of their classical contexts –and the informed fun we make seems a sane tonic for our increasingly uncertain world.”
 “We’re all in this thing together and “Jealous Zelig” likes erasing the boundaries between the artists and the audience,” said Rubin. “There needs to be a sense of fun and spontaneity.  We are all together in the room.”
 Rubin hopes “to co-create, and help reinvigorate” the performance scene for Napa’s authentic, original music and he will do his best to speak his “peace” through his work with the time he has left.


Intriguing Vintner- J. Moss Wines

mosswinesDreams really do come true may seem like a cliché, but for American Canyon resident, James Moss he is all smiles since moving to the Napa Valley in 1998 from Dallas, TX.

“My life has been about fate, being in the right place and believing I can achieve what I put my mind to,” said Moss.  It’s that optimistic outlook on life that makes Moss so compelling, easy to talk to and an inspiration to always believe in your dreams.

Moss originally worked for Dr. Pepper when Republic Beverage in Dallas recruited him.   Part of his portfolio was wine and Moss claimed his only knowledge about wine was California cheap wine.   Then he met “Scott” at Mr. G’s who took Moss under his wing and began to teach him about wine. His company also held wine tastings every Thursday and Moss said he never missed one. 

On a business trip to Napa Valley, he met his future wife, Janet, whom he married in 2000, but before that they began making garage wine.  In 2001, they decided to go commercial and have been slowly growing their brand organically winning awards for outstanding merlots and cabernets.  In 2010, they opened their hidden gem of a tasting room in the Crusher District of Southern Napa.

‘It’s a gratification knowing I made a wine that puts a smile on someone’s face,” said Moss.  “I’m stilled wowed by the fact that you start with a grape, stir in some romance and out comes incredible wine.”
Moss shares his passions of wine making with his wife and son, Wesley.


Intriguing Education – Small But Mighty

smallbutmightyAs a leader in digital early literacy, the Napa County Office of Education (NCOE) delivers innovative education to the valley’s students.

Research has demonstrated that children of lower income, less educated parents enter school with poorer language skills than their affluent counterparts and with more than 85% of Napa’s entering preschool students in need of learning English, the local “Achievement Gap” is wide and deep.

To close the gap, NCOE, in partnership with NapaLearns, was first in the nation to launch digital early literacy countywide. This program is used in all 23 NCOE preschool classes through small group instruction at iPad centers and given as a free literacy app to private preschool teachers and families. The app, which the NCOE helps parents download on any smart device they own, contain libraries of e-books, learning games, nursery rhymes, phonics songs, Aesop’s Fables, and a place for children to write their own stories.  These books can then be e-mailed to grandparents!  Everything is in English and Spanish, creating the unintended side effect of also helping parents improve their English skills. 

The California State Superintendent of Public Instruction plus education leaders from around the country have visited Napa to witness the program in action to then try replicating it in their own community.  Recently, this award-winning program (Golden Bell Award, e-School Nation Grant Prize and DILA Award) was visited by the Deputy Director for Early Childhood Education/U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  


Intriguing Artist – Paola Delgado

paoleodegradoPaola Delgado is a young creative artist and storyteller who explores the meaning of life through drawing and animation.

“I have always loved drawing,” Paola shares while sitting at her kitchen table surrounded with her art journals. “My father Pablo Delgado is an artist, who also creates comic books and my mother Teresa Delgado is a 4th grade teacher at Shearer Elementary School.”

Paola blends award-winning designs with her passion to give back to the community. Crops of the Sun won first place and graced the cover of the Napa Valley Crop Report. Posters for the Hispanic Heritage Month integrate her designs for four years in a row. Paola recently taught,  “How to Design a Cartoon Character” at the How To Festival, sponsored by the Napa County Library.

“I want to bring character development and a feminine perspective to a male dominated field of animation,” Paola explains. “It keeps me going to be part of equalizing opportunities for woman in animation. Women experience things differently dealing with problems by bringing calm and compassion to the forefront and looking at people not just as numbers but also individuals. It’s important to set goals for yourself and work really hard. I have a passion that fuels my drive.” 

A graduate of New Tech High School, Paola is currently attending Napa Valley College and plans to transfer to Laguna College of Art and Design to focus on animation.  “I don’t think anything else excites me more than becoming even more successful.”

by Janna Waldinger


Intriguing Sports Team – Prolific Prep

prolifficprepIt’s the best of the best for high school basketball.  Prolific Prep was formed three years ago to recruit top players from around the world to give them educational opportunity in Napa while competing in high school basketball with other National Prep Academies around the USA and abroad.

The Napa prep team focuses on developing their players’ athletic and academic gifts in a very structured environment to maximize their potential.  In fact, Maxpreps just rated the Napa squad in the top 10 for this coming season. They currently have kids from seven different countries (Sudan, Canada, Croatia, Mali, Nigeria, Ghana, Guinea), with a current team GPA of 3.4.

The program was built around aspiring student athletes that wanted to be around similar type atmosphere to reach their dreams. Josh Jackson, who played two years at Prolific Prep, is now at Kansas University.  Josh was the #1 player in the USA ranking and projected top 3 pick in next years NBA Draft.  Check out this article at

Hundreds of kids contact Prolific Prep each year to be part of the academy.  However, they only allow 13 kids in their program.  A host family in the Napa Valley region then hosts each student.  The student athletes attend local Napa schools, depending upon their needs.

Local games are played at Napa Valley College.  Visit for more info.  


Intriguing Community Leader – Danis Kreimeier

danisekramerWhen you say “library” most people envision a dusty building with hard chairs, square tables and, of course, lots of thick books. Likewise, “librarian” conjures a rigid, puritanical woman with glasses perched on the end of her nose, hair in a bun and a pejorative look in her eye.

However, anyone who has visited the Napa County Library and/or met Library Director Danis Kreimeier, knows that neither of these images fit. Danis has led the library for nearly nine years and is vivacious, outgoing, classy and always the first one on the dance floor. Under her direction the Napa County Library is experiencing a renaissance of service delivery with remodeled facilities, new programs and offerings and an overall spirit of innovation and excitement.

As a strong advocate for libraries, literacy, and equal access for the entire county, Danis’ commitment to public service is infectious and the library staff and users have caught the bug. Whether it’s maker spaces and sewing classes, succulent exchanges at the farmers market, Lego robotics classes for tweens, new satellite service outposts in rural areas, or reimagined spaces for children, a new philosophy of customer engagement is evident throughout the system.

More people are discovering that Napa’s library no longer fits the traditional stereotype and many ways we have Danis to thank for resetting the mold. With her at the helm, we can count on the Napa County Library being at the center of the dance floor for years to come.


Intriguing Next Generation Vintner – Hailey Trefethen

haileytrefethenHailey Trefethen literally grew up playing in the vineyards surrounding her family’s estate in the Oak Knoll District where she would play hide-and-seek among the vines with her older brother, Loren.  The dynamic sibling duo also took over the historic winery building and turned it into their private giant playhouse.  Shadowing her parents (Janet and John) as a child gave Hailey the best on-the-job training and today, she is passionate about the family business and thrilled to be the 3rd generation growing grapes, making wine and welcoming guests at Trefethen’s estate. 

Prior to the August 24, 2014 earthquake, Hailey was spending half her time representing the family and the winery throughout the country. The other half she worked closely with the production and vineyard teams. Like most people and businesses in Napa, the earthquake had a serious impact at Trefethen and Hailey’s job changed dramatically after that day.  She has been instrumental in the company’s recovery, including the return to crushing grapes within just a few days of the quake and then assuming the responsibility of managing the restoration of their historic winery building built in 1886, that suffered serious damage and shifted four feet to the west.  The family is committed to rebuilding this iconic Napa Valley treasure and Hailey is leading a team of top contractors, engineers and historical building architects on a full restoration to be completed in spring 2017.  These days, Hailey is just as likely to be wearing a hard hat and carrying thick rolls of plans as she would be walking through the vineyards and leading tastings.


Intriguing Career – Roderick Macdonald

roderickmcdonaldIn 2002, looking out across the landscape at Domain Carneros, Rod suggested to his wife Deborah, “Why don’t we live here?” In 2006, they bought a home in Napa.

“As an immigrant, I am honored to be a citizen of this great inclusive country and to harness all its creativity. It’s the only one in the world you can join.”

Rod served 25 years as a British Royal Engineer officer including active duty in Northern Ireland through the ‘70s and leading army commandos in the Falklands War. He retired from the British Army as a ranking Brigadier (General) and immigrated to the U.S. in 1993. He then began a 20-year business career and from 2001 to 2013, he was Executive Vice President for Global Sales and Business Development for General Cable Corporation and traveled extensively, mostly to the Middle East.

He felt a degree of cognitive dissonance between what he observed on U.S. television and his own experiences so, after retiring in 2014, Rod decided to do something about it and now talks to groups in the Bay Area about the Middle East. “I encourage them to see the world through the eyes of others. Knowledge dispels fear.”
He remains on the board of a company in Pakistan and lectures to the U.S. Marine Corps and can often be found escorting clients through demonstrators to their appointments at Planned Parenthood in Napa.


Intriguing Vintner – Rob Sinskey

robertsinskeyRob Sinskey, owner/vintner and self-proclaimed ‘Daydream Believer’ of Robert Sinskey Vineyards, practices what he preaches: do no harm. The native Californian is an atypical vintner who, instead of attending wine school, received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Parsons School of Design in New York City.

A progressive in life and business, throughout the past twenty-five years Sinskey expanded his 100% organic and Biodynamic certified winegrowing operation to more than 200 acres of premium vineyards in the Carneros and Stags Leap districts of Napa and Sonoma Valleys. His progressive attitude is what’s influenced his decision to become American Truffle Company’s first truffle orchard partner/grower in California wine country.

“For me, it’s never been about just selling something,” says Sinskey. “I feel as a business owner I should bear more responsibility than that. Maybe the real products I am selling are ideas.”

And the idea of cultivating truffles as an alternative and complementary organic crop to grapes seemed a good choice as an extension of his “Perfect Circle” approach to farming, where everything contributes and feeds into other farm processes.

It also fits with the stylistic philosophy of their wines. RSV is about the culinary experience of producing elegant, balanced wines that show best at the dinner table. His wife, Maria Helm Sinksey, is a chef and cookbook author who uses ingredients from their culinary gardens, bees and animals. “It’s a romantic notion that we may be able to produce our own truffles…and there is nothing better than Pinot Noir and truffles!”


Intriguing Vintners – Taken Wine Co.

takenwines“To craft great wines to share with our friends.”

That is the philosophy by which childhood comrades, Carlo Trinchero and Josh Phelps, created Taken Wine Co. a name originally chosen when they were having difficulty finding a moniker for their wines that wasn’t already “taken.” In 2010, they released their first wine under the Taken label, and the brand continues to evolve.

The next labels to emerge under the brand—Complicated and Available—are a nod to the popularity of relationship status updates on social media. Carlo and Josh developed Taken Wine Co. with their peers in mind—a group that enjoys quality wine and turns to social media to discover new brands. The fruit-forward, terroir-driven wines are crafted from some of the world’s best growing regions, like Napa Valley, the Sonoma Coast and Southern Italy.

“The wines speak for themselves with a classic, easy-drinking style and interconnected vibe are the essence of the brand,” said Trinchero. “Social media driven, interactive storytelling taps into ways millennials consume and share information.”

Named to Forbes Magazine’s 2015 “30 Under 30” list, Trinchero and Phelps, despite their age, are no dilettantes. Both grew up in winemaking families, and the knowledge passed down from generation to generation has paid off. Trinchero is a third-generation member of the Trinchero Family—Napa Valley vintners since 1948, and Phelps is the son of well-regarded winemaker, Chris Phelps.

The Taken, and the Complicated and Available labels are sold nationwide and marketed by Trinchero Family Estates, the fourth-largest wine company in the United States.


Intriguing Musical Group – Take Flight

takeflightSpringing from a trip to Ireland with the Napa High Choir, Take Flight A Cappella was formed.
This new and passionate singing group is a mix of three individuals attending Napa Valley College students and two seniors at Napa High.

Take Flight A Cappela performs hit songs from a wide range of genres and artists, spanning many decades and performing them all without the use of any instruments. “We try to bring a fresh take on everything we do, while still staying true to the original artist.” Says Emma Gueerrieri, who studies business at NV College and works at her family business, The Copy Corner.

They have performed for many local businesses and in venues that include Silos, Boundary Oak Golf Coarse in Walnut Creek, The Napa Valley Wine Train, Napa Chocolate and Wine Festival, Napa Live Music Festival and Napa Valley Traditions, with Cheryl from NVT being one of our biggest supporters.

Emma Guerrieri sings soprano; Maddie Macloud sings alto; Carlos Gonzalez sings high tenor; Ted Reynolds sings bass; and Journey Day Rhorer sings baritone and vocal percussion and is the director of the group.