Since this is the Intriguing issue of Napa Valley Life, I saw the perfect opportunity to talk about one of my favorite people in the world. Fiorella Butron is a dear friend of mine whose spirit shines through everything she does but it is through her creative dishes that it is fully expressed. She is an Aruyvedic Practitioner, which allows for the use of spices, plants and oils. Fiorella blends her passion for connection and nourishment beautifully through the menus she designs for her clients.

Because of her Peruvian background, she has her eyes open to a different way of cooking. She began her love affair with food in her grandmothers’ kitchen, where she was instilled with the subtle nuances that sets her apart from other chefs. After graduating high school, she enrolled at the Cordon Bleu in Lima, Peru and received a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts.

Since coming to Napa, she has become enchanted with the community and the land. “We have the seasons so you can see the change in the food I prepare. This allows for me to create interesting and fun dishes that reflect what is growing in the local gardens. When I lived in Miami and Hawaii, the produce was limited in variety and in freshness.”

“Aruyveda has influenced the way I think about food. It’s all about proper combinations that blend the different elements of taste (salty, sweet, sour, astringent, pungent and bitter). Through my business Vitality by Fiorella Butron, I am able to provide my clients with really fresh seasonal food that makes them feel good.”
Fiorella and I often discuss the importance of balance in life and with food. “People are quick to follow trends and eliminate things from their diet entirely. While it is good to be aware of what you are putting into your body, it isn’t necessary to cut them out completely.  For me, there is so much joy that is added to life though taste. If you are depriving your body, and not enjoying the things that make you feel alive, than what’s the point?”
I have had the pleasure of enjoying many of Fiorella’s delectable dishes and working beside her in the kitchen. Her positive energy and culinary brilliance will keep you wanting more. The menus she dreams up are exciting and revitalizing. To find out more about her services visit

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