Time Well Spent Observing Art in Motion

Gallery Sausalito is nestled in a courtyard shopping center – located on the prettiest street in the heart of Sausalito, California. They specialize in large-scale commissions, primarily floral or urban landscape, and provide what most visitors consider the “authentic Sausalito experience.”

The outside of the gallery tells a story in art with an expressive textural painting of flowers bursting with color that emerges dramatically. The  observer  is  drawn   in – literally as their eyes travel inward – through the gallery’s large glass window where there is much more to see. One may spy an artist, using palette knives to build up thick layers of texture to describe the subject.

The Gallery is artist-owned and a work- ing art studio created by local artist Sue Averell. Sue’s goal was to share her own “creative process with visitors” which she has successfully achieved.

Emphasis on texture and color are the focus of the gallery’s contemporary collection.  New and veteran art collectors, as well as home and business interior designers, find Gallery Sausalito a perfect fit for their home or business decorating, and the gallery is pleased to connect its artists with interested parties for personalized commissioned works. Current gallery artists include Malen Pierson, Ellen Levine Dodd, Judy Reed, Mo Maudegrasse, and Manzanita Soul. Mediums include painting, bronze metal assemblage, photography, ceramics, and mixed media, which fill the comforts of the cozy gallery space.

Sue can be found painting in the gallery on most days. Visitors can come in on Monday, and if they return the following Sunday, they will be rewarded by seeing one of Sue’s paintings come to life. Her signature works of various cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, London and Paris, and others, as well as a series of botanical paintings, are avail- able for purchase. Sue says, “A good painting session is where I like the result, a great session is where I discover a new way of making a mark with paint or a different color story unfolds before me. By experimenting with my technique I am challenged to grow as an artist, and that growth inspires me to continue making art.”

Gallery Sausalito prides itself on providing excellent customer service, exceeding client’s expectations when they commission a piece and offering a variety of price points as well as excellent worldwide shipping rates. Located just five minutes from the Sausalito ferry and public parking, Gallery Sausalito is the perfect destination for any visitor or local that enjoys soaking up the Sausalito vibe and taking a little local inspiration home with them when they leave.


28 Princess Street, Sausalito, CA 94965 // www.gallerysausalito.com // www.SueAverell.com //

Open daily except Tuesdays.


Article By: Eve Bushman