20 Years Strong

Paul Frommelt wears a few different vocational hats, but one particular industry in which he is involved is having a moment. In addition to directing sales for Trust Hungarian, Treuil French, and AP John American Oak Barrels, the Napa native and wine industry veteran is a solutions consultant for Airocide, a medical Class II air purification system that destroys organic matter both large and small, including organic gases and viruses, the latter of which has generated substantive interest in the technology.

Airocide uses NASA developed, cutting edge technology to eradicate viruses, bacteria, pathogens, allergens, pollen, dust, dander, odors, smoke, and more. It’s even been clinically proven to destroy Anthrax spores. Unlike HEPA filter products that trap, Airocide destroys. NASA originally developed the device to eliminate organic gases from the space station. Today the product is used in food processing plants to kill airborne microbes and in wine caves to destroy mold, TCA, TBA, and Brett. Per Frommelt, the units are perfect for doctor’s offices, hospitals, tasting rooms, senior living centers, schools, residences, restaurants, hotels, B&Bs, etc.

“This is the Lamborghini of air purifiers,” said Frommelt. “We are the benchmark; we have no competitor. The system is proven 99.9% effective in eradicating bacteria, pathogens, mold, pollen, and even smoke odor. There is no air space we cannot purify.” The sculptural Airocide unit looks like a modern speaker; a variety of sizes are intended for both industrial and home use. Frommelt’s clients often purchase one unit for each room of their home or their office building. The unit does not have a filter, and it does not require cleaning. Airocide guarantees that users will generally feel better once breathing purified air.

“I purchased several units of Airocide which I utilize in the common areas and exam room at my Periodontal office,” said Dr. Sean Vreeburg of Napa Valley Periodontics & Dental Implants. “I leave them on 24/7 and have been very pleased. The office smells fresh, and they keep my staff much more at ease during this pandemic. The units are compact and sleek and not as cumbersome as other products on the market.”

“The Airocide units we have set up in our winery office, tasting room, break room, and home office have proven to be exceptional at cleaning the air and clearing odors,” said Jeff and Karen Fontanella of Fontanella Family Winery. “You can feel the difference when you enter the room, particularly during smoke days outside. It’s great
 to be able to tell clients and customers that we have taken this extra step in providing a safe environment.”

“Our air quality is extreme,” said Frommelt, who referenced the fires and smoke of the past few years.
“Volatile compounds – wood, metal, plastics – find their way into our lungs and place our health in jeopardy.

Life is not a dress rehearsal; we’ve got one shot. Shouldn’t we make that one shot as healthy as possible?

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