To say that Ben and Ali Koenig pivoted their local business in response to COVID-19 is an understatement. The Heritage Eats founders, in an attempt to remain viable, found themselves transforming their fast-casual Napa restaurant into a variety  of  new  services to support the community, particularly a grocery of sorts. Called ‘Heritage @ Home,’ the duo accessed their vendors to supply the elderly and those having to shelter with pre-order groceries, “We really enjoyed thinking creatively about what people needed and what they were missing,” said  Ben,  who at Easter dressed as the Easter bunny to deliver treat-filled baskets to area children. “These past   several    months   have provided us an opportunity to fill various  community  needs in addition to serving as a res- taurant, to provide a sense of normalcy.” East Coast natives, Ben moved to Napa in 2013 for a job in the restaurant industry and Ali soon followed to study urban planning at San Jose State University. They have been married for three years and recently welcomed a baby girl, Parker. They founded Heritage Eats in 2015 and based the concept on the varied cultures and daily food staples that Ben encountered during his world travels. The restaurant presents flavorful, globally inspired items in an approachable and family-friendly setting. “We’re so grateful for the community support at our founding and now more than ever,” said Ben. Living and working together can tax any relationship, but this couple presents a  great  team, on and  off  the  field.  “We  have a great balance,” said Ali, who cites hiking, dining, and San Francisco day trips as recharge outlets. “We’re fortunate  to work with a strong crew and we know how to keep it light, but also seize moments and make life worthwhile. It’s all about balance.”

Article By: Fran Miller