Napa County native Anna Brittain never envisioned returning to the region after leaving for Williams College in Massachusetts. “My goal was to be a journalist and/or work internationally on climate action,” said Brittain. A graduate of St. Helena High School, she ultimately earned a Master of Environmental Science and Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and worked in sustainability roles nationally and internationally before ‘coming home’ to ultimately become executive director of the Napa Green program. In her position, she helps to ensure that the Napa County wine industry continues to grow its leadership in sustainability and climate action. “At many wineries, there is a champion (or maybe even a bit of a skeptic who becomes a champion),” said Brittain. “Folks are often overwhelmed at first; we help make it manageable to start down the path of sustainability and commit to continual improvement.” She finds her work personally meaningful. “I acknowledge that the Napa wine industry can’t solve climate change, but our leadership creates waves of impact in the beverage industry and beyond, helping consumers to think about sustainability in new ways. I love making that connection between caring for nature and community, enhancing quality, and cutting the bottom line.” Many of the wineries around which she grew-up are now clients. “Sometimes I’m driving down roads I’ve driven thousands of times before, and then I remember to stop and look, and I’m in awe and gratitude for living in such a beautiful place. And I love driving past wineries that I have known since I was a little girl, but now I can say I’ve worked closely with those same wineries to help them be more efficient and sustainable.”


Article By: Fran Miller