Serenity Now

Surrender to the Tranquility of These Two Auberge Resorts Spas

Of Auberge Resorts’ collection of 19 unique hotels and resorts located throughout the world, the Napa Valley is fortunate  to  be  home  to  three of these elegantly relaxed properties.  And while each of the three features individual interpretations of soulful luxury, several aspects are consistent: beautiful design, intuitive service, and deluxe spas in which to relax and rejuvenate.  Here,  we detail two of these three Napa Valley Auberge Resorts sanctuaries of tranquility, each of which offers bespoke treatments specifically created in harmony with their unique environs.


Inspired by Calistoga’s healing waters and nestled  at  the  top  of  a  hill  within  a   tree-shaded   canyon,   the   primarily open-air Spa at Calistoga Ranch surrounds its guests with nature. Old- growth trees, moss-covered boulders, and the rhythmic trickling of a nearby creek complement the bespoke treatments created by spa director Jasmine Samano. Soak in one of the spa’s heated mineral pools and experience ‘forest bathing’ at its most indulgent. Detoxify with ‘The Creekside Mermaid,’ a floating lymphatic wrap. Pre- or post-treatment unwind within the relaxation area where cozy blankets, fireplaces, and an assortment of healthy Torn Ranch nibbles further promote tranquility. Consider an after-hours exclusive experience when guests can enjoy private access to the spa and relaxation deck. Finally, bring the Calistoga Ranch Spa experience home with a purchase of the spa’s signature bath products featuring a restorative blend of bay laurel, eucalyptus, silver fir, pine, and lavender.


In contrast to Calistoga Ranch’s posh  rusticity, Spa Solage’s modern and airy refuge features a color scheme of white, pale blue, and silver metal elements. Before detoxing, guests may don a cozy robe and slippers and head to the olive tree-canopied Bathhouse to begin their journey with a dip in one or all of the five of the temperature-ranging therapeutic pools: mineral, saline, magnesium sulfate, relaxation,  and  cold  plunge.  Choose from an extensive menu of both traditional and unique treatments, each intended to promote the ultimate in wellness. Experience adult mud-play with the signature ‘Mudslide,’ a unique three-part detoxifying treatment in which mineral-enriched clay is self applied (or applied as partners in the couples’ version) followed by a geothermal soak, and a rest within one of the spa’s state-of-the-art, anti-gravity, sound therapy chairs. Afterward, further unwind poolside with a beverage; the menu features healthy green smoothies, adaptogenic soft drinks, ‘spatinis,’ local wines or bubbles, and French Champagne. An expansive relaxation room features complimentary snacks, iced herbal tea, and wellness water. Lunch or dinner at the resort’s outstanding Solbar restaurant provides a gourmet ending to a memorable day of serenity.



Article By: Fran Miller // Photos Courtesy of Auberge Resorts