Story By: Laurie Jo Miller Farr // Photos Courtesy of B12 LOVE

Brings Vitality and Wellness to Downtown Napa

In an episode of Justin Bieber’s docuseries, Seasons, he shares how he keeps his youthful charms: regular IV drips (among other things). Chrissy Tiegen posted about her vitamin IV drips on Instagram. Rihanna shared a Twitpic receiving an energy-boosting IV drip. And media coverage of Ivy Getty’s San Francisco wedding indicated that IV drips were made available for guests. Once a specialized offering found in party cities like Beverly Hills and Las Vegas, it has become a thriving industry that’s now come to downtown Napa in the form of B12 LOVE.

People continue to seek out wellness services, looking for more ways to boost their immunity and address ongoing health issues such as poor sleep, weight gain, chronic pain, lack of energy, and more. Many of these complaints may benefit from nutrient therapy. While vitamin injections and IVs aren’t intended to replace a healthy diet and lifestyle, or medical supervision, they have gained popularity as quick and easy ways to boost energy, vitality, and overall well-being.

Nutrients are safely and professionally administered via an injection into the muscle or delivered straight into the bloodstream, bypassing issues, such as digestive malabsorption, that can occur for swallowed vitamins. These high-quality nutrient IVs and injections have found ready appeal among Napa residents and out-of-town visitors looking to revive and rejuvenate naturally. Interestingly, the appeal in Napa is a wide-ranging one, as visitors and repeat clients tend to be evenly distributed among men and women and cover a broad age range from 25 to 65.

According to Dr. Jason Servatius, Naturopathic Doctor and Director of Operations for the Napa branch of B12 LOVE, their lounge is “a wellspring for those who want to boost their healthy lifestyle and a retreat for those who need to recuperate from physical stressors peacefully. We want it to feel like a spa experience for our guests. We want our guests to leave replenished.”

Although new to Napa, B12 LOVE has been a growing Bay Area brand for several years. Founder Dr. Shannon Wood Gallegos, Naturopathic Doctor and Licensed Midwife began administering vitamin B12 injections to pregnant and nursing mothers in the early 2000s. By 2013, Dr. Shannon and her husband, Armando, had established B12 LOVE in the Mission District of San Francisco, intending to help others to experience the many benefits of nutrient injections without the inconvenience of a doctor’s appointment or prescription. It has since expanded to seven brick-and-mortar locations.

A first-time client has an opportunity to discuss in-depth their personal health goals, background, lifestyle, any medications, symptoms and concerns about metabolism and energy levels with the onsite naturopathic doctor, medical assistant, or a registered nurse. Because an extensive menu of options is available at B12 LOVE, that conversation will inform the appropriate selection of nutrients. B12 LOVE takes both walk-ins and appointments. Services start at around $50.


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