Take a tour of Napa Valley on your bike and visit all the fantastic wineries.  Check out this great list (courtesy of VineLiving) of wineries you can get to on two wheels, and enjoy the beautiful Napa Valley weather.  

The Napa Valley is known for wine, food and idylic scenery. What you probably don’t think of when you think of Napa is the amazing biking opportunities. Wether you’re an avid cyclist wanting to climb some crazy hills, or a mountain biker wanting to race down through the foliage on the hills the aforementioned group are climbing up, Napa has what you need! We have a bike trail that will take you from Napa to Calistoga, you can take Solano Avenue from Napa to Yountville without the fear of being on the highway! They’re truly are plenty of biking opportunities. When you think of wine tasting, I am sure biking is not the first thing that comes to mind! I love the fact that my husband and I can break out our bikes and ride to a few wineries from our house! I mean we are lucky to live in Napa, and now even luckier to be on this side of town that offers convenient, safe routes to local wineries.

If your coming into town and lucky enough to stay at
The Carneros Resort, or Meritage Resort and Spa, both in the most southern region of the Napa Valley, called Carneros, you’re in luck!

See below for places you can visit in the “Crusher District” near Meritage Resort:
 If your staying in the city of Napa, downtown or the northern end, see below for a list of Wineries:

If your staying in Yountville: Hotel Yountville, Bardessono and North Block Hotel all offer free bike rentals for their guests. You can also utilize Napa Valley Bike Tours, who will rent you a bike and take you on a guided winery tour to three different wineries!

Wineries within biking distance of Yountville:

If your coming to the Napa Valley and plan to stay in Calistoga, make sure you look into the following resorts: Indian SpringsSolage Resort and Spa, Calistoga Ranch…. and all of these amazing resorts let you use their complimentary bikes!

Plan to wake up and have a big breakfast and get out on the road to your first Winery:
Hope you are able to utilize one of my #TravelGuides on your next trip to the #NapaValley!!

A fifth-generation Napan, Mallory Uran McEligot works as the Membership and Industry Relations Manager at Yountville’s Silver Trident Winery, and is the creator of BANG, the By Appointment Networking Group. BANG is instrumental in establishing valuable relationships between by appointment wineries, concierge, drivers and caterers throughout the wine industry. Mallory’s passion and knowledge for wine, fashion and this beautiful place she’s always called home shines through her lifestyle blog VineLiving, an insider’s guide to Napa Valley.