Board Co-Chair // Lincoln Theater // Napa Performing Arts Center

Philanthropy in Napa Valley 

Bob Hurley freely admits that his initial involvement with Napa Performing Arts Center at Lincoln Theater was a business decision. The proprietor of Yountville’s popular Hurley’s Restaurant figured that by supporting the Theater, he was helping to support Yountville’s business and restaurant community. “A thriving theater brings people to town, and those people need to eat,” said Hurley. Little did he know that his business-motivated involvement would turn into a passion. “I dabbled in theater when I was younger, but it wasn’t until I joined the board of Lincoln Theater that    I truly came to appreciate all that the arts can do for a community. The more   I got involved, the more I loved it.” Now co-chair of the board after more than ten years of involvement, and  retired  from the restaurant business, Hurley has the time to further delve into the Theater’s various programs. “The Theater, located within Yountville’s Veteran’s  Home campus, supports our grade schools with theater education, and dance and music programs,” emphasized Hurley. “We also support the veterans with programming of interest to them, and we are launching a speaker series this year. The Theater is of great value to the entire community.” In addition to his Theater co-chair position, Hurley serves on the board of Hands Across the Valley, and for more than a decade has organized an annual lunch for the veterans at which Yountville’s various esteemed chefs participate. Life as a busy restaurateur once meant that travel took  a backseat, but now Hurley and his wife Cynthia have the time to indulge their wanderlust, as well as spend time with their two adult children. “I made sure to leave the restaurant world at the top of my game,” said Hurley. “Being a chef never defined me. I’ve always had other interests.”


Article By: Fran Miller