Walking through the Art Gallery Napa Valley on First Street, it was the work of Janice Peterson that caught my attention.

Janice has developed a beautiful and unexpected style of blending her talents of photography and painting that she calls “photobreach”,  painting on the mat and frame extending elements of the images of the photograph.

“This technique literally makes the photo breach the boundaries of its frame,” describes Janice. “I found this creates a unique 3D effect. I have had a lot of fun exploring my photographs and deciding what to draw out from them that will make them more interesting. I still love painting especially in large format so you’ll see a mix of mediums within my work.”

Born in Redding with Mount Shasta as a backdrop, Janice has a deep connection to nature. Her home away from home is in McCloud, California which is a regular subject matter of her photography and painting. She has a special appreciation for aging architecture and equipment.

Her father and grandfather were graphic artists and printers. There is a classic Norman Rockwell era design sense that comes through Janice’s compositions.  She is thankful for her husband’s support of her creative explorations. After raising and homeschooling two daughters Janice enrolled at the Napa Valley College where photography was one of the most influential classes that changed her life.

“Exploring the world through the viewfinder of my camera really opened my eyes. I became sensitized by the everchanging light that reveals colors, textures and contrasts that were once hidden. I keep my camera close at hand to capture these moments. My artistic processes ignites as I explore these photographs through the light of the pixels on my laptop. I’m inspired by unusual perspectives, abstract textures and bright colors that bring life to inanimate objects. Some images move me to interpret them in graphite and charcoal, others through the bright colors of acrylics.”

Having taken thousands of photos in the past six years as studies for paintings, Janice realizes there is not enough time in her life to paint all that inspires her. So, by blending photographs along with her painting style of expanding the image beyond the frame she can share more of her creative expressions.  You can find her at www.janiceartist.com or see her work at Art Gallery Napa Valley 1307 First Street, Napa.


Article By: Janna Waldinger