Where Italy Meets Napa Valley

Ca’Momi Osteria is a classic Italian eatery that comes together in a sleek spot on First Street. If the black
and white movies projected on their main wall don’t immediately draw you in, the enticing aroma of wood-fired pizza surely will. Ca’Momi infuses Italian tradition into everything they do, from the vineyard to  the kitchen.

First-generation Italians Valentina Guolo- Migotto, Dario De Conti, and Stefano Migotto all found their way to Napa Valley with a collective desire to bring something they grew up with to the local community. “Our founders were given an  opportunity to buy grapes, so  naturally  as  Italians, they started making wine,” said Brand Ambassador Edith Gonzalez. Drawing upon their backgrounds in Italian winemaking, the trio founded Ca’Momi Winery in 2006. Chef and co-founder Valentina saw a vision to expand the wine experience by bringing it together with food, and a dream later fulfilled with the opening of Ca’Momi Osteria in 2015.

“The restaurant serves as our tasting room,” said Ca’ Momi’s Marketing Manager, Fabiola Watson. “It’s the perfect space – where ‘heart crafted’ wines share the table with old-world recipes.” Flights featuring the brand’s sparkling, red, white, and dessert wine offerings are available, but the “Ca’Momians” rightfully suggest pairing a glass or two with their unending delicious food dishes.

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The running thread between every item on the menu is authenticity. Drawing on traditional recipes from the 1950s or earlier, this family- driven enterprise takes pride in sharing and preserving their roots. “We are obsessively authentic. We swear to our Italian grandmas that we will create every dish with love, care, and respect for our Italian history. Our owners return to Italy each year, starting at the Slow Food Festival in Torino and work their way south, to visit each region and uncover more historical recipes,” explained Watson. Every item on the menu is specified by its region of origin, from Veneto to Sorrento and beyond.

Ca’Momi has also earned attention for its nose-to-tail ethos; that is to say, they utilize what’s known in Italy as quinto quarto, an ancient Roman tradition of offal cuisine. That means choices like braised organic bone-in oxtail over rigatoni pasta or organic poached beef shin tendon and cartilage salad for an entree.

Above all, Ca’Momi is famously known for its Neapolitan pizza prepared according to authentic Italian guidelines. Their elevated pizzas are cooked for 90 seconds in a 900- degree wood-burning oven and are presented uncut, just as they are served in Napoli. The osteria’s dedication to local and organic ingredients, authentic recipes, and techniques is the reason why Ca’Momi is one of the few restaurants in the country, and the only one in Napa Valley, that has received three of the highest Italian pizza certifications. The proof is in the pudding – or the dough, in this case.

Ca’Momi’s collection of Napa Valley and California designate wines are available for purchase online and in the restaurant. The restaurant accepts reservations online, and walk-ins are also welcomed. The community table and bar are great places to be, as is their open-concept pizza kitchen where one can often find Master Pizzaiolo Dario in action.


707-224-6664 // camomiosteria.com // 1141 First Street Napa, CA 94559


Article By: Marisa McCann