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Tessa Mini and Matt Kathol spent two years of their young married life on separate ends of the country. Personal trainers and founders of Bare Health and Fitness in Napa, the pair provides on-site, and when requested, traveling personal training and nutrition planning. The two-year separation came about when two clients—a couple—hired them to live in and train them to achieve their goals. The catch? The husband lived and worked on the West Coast, and the wife lived and worked in New York. So, Tessa went east, and Matt went west.

Matt, a personal trainer, worked with the husband at his home and traveled with him internationally. Tessa worked as the wife’s health advocate and trainer, collaborating with the client’s chef on a personalized nutrition plan and working with Eastern and Western medical professionals to design a tailored health program. Tessa guided her client through daily stretch therapeutics, postural improvements, cardio, and medical issues (under doctor supervision). The health program was so successful that the client resolved some severe medical problems over two years, and now, Tessa follows up with her just once a month.

With Tessa’s experience and education in health and wellness, she can provide clients with a full spectrum of services. “An important part of the service is that I consult with naturopathic doctors to devise remedies to heal the gut and get rid of bloating and other complaints,” Tessa explained.

After the two-year sojourn, Matt and Tessa settled back in Napa and began brainstorming how to provide the same level of service to a broader clientele. Their in-person, fully staffed facility in downtown Napa offers postural analysis and personal training, but they decided to expand the depth of those services.They developed a Health Intensive Day, a program that begins with health history, lab work, and surgery reports, followed by a ten-hour, live-in day with the client.

During the live-in day (which can extend to two or three days upon request), the trainers conduct in-person health tests to analyze the client and devise a custom plan. They perform a 90-minute cardio test to determine cardiovascular health and postural analysis to identify musculoskeletal imbalances. They then lead the client through weight training and stretching sessions to assess strengths and weaknesses.

The Health Intensive Day includes nutrition training such as smoothie demonstrations and an informal nutrition seminar that provides tastings for lunch and dinner options to cultivate a healthy and tasteful relationship with food. Finally, a kitchen clean-out helps guide the client to 360-degree healthful living.

After the Health Intensive Day, Tessa and Matt outline an all-encompassing view of the clients’ health, and they prescribe personalized guidelines, recommendations, and therapeutic exercises. It may be the most thorough health analysis a client can receive, and it acts as a roadmap to their health and wellness goals.

From there, it’s up to the client. Tessa and Matt can either take a day-to-day, hands-on approach or guide clients along the way with weekly or monthly check-ins. The cost for the one-day evaluation is $2000 and $1000 for each additional day of follow-up.

Story By: Layne Randolph // Photos By: Natalia Nicholas

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