With a history rooted in viticulture and enology, Ehlers Estate  is an example of passion and the dedication to the craft of making wine.

In the late 1800s, Bernard Ehlers’ interest in  winemaking  inspired  him and his wife, Anne, to purchase a small vineyard in Saint Helena,  California. With 10-acres, Ehlers replanted the vineyard and established an olive grove that remains on the property to this day. Composed of world-class terroir, the property also included a stone barn and Bale Mill Winery, which lured French entrepreneurs and philanthropists, Jean and Sylviane Leducq, to the winery a century later.

Captivated by the enormous potential of the property, the Leducqs set out to craft wines that showcased balance, structure, and vitality, reminiscent  of  the Bordeaux style wines that they loved. With a dream to build a contiguous wine estate which paid homage to their French heritage, the Leducqs partnered with renowned enologist, Jacques  Boissenot, to acquire individual local vineyards and replant with the appropriate clones and rootstock suitable to the region. By 2001, Ehlers Estate had grown into a 42-acre estate comprised of the original name, stone barn and vineyard.

Today, Ehlers Estate continues to thrive and carry on the tradition and philosophies set forth by visionaries, Anne and Bernard Ehlers, and Jean and Sylviane Leducq. Producing 100% organic, estate driven wines, the wine portfolio showcases the numerous soil types and microclimates found on the estate. With a full time vineyard crew and deep respect for terroir driven wines, the love and dedication  that went into creating the Estate can be experienced within each vintage.

With 100% of the proceeds returned to the Leducq  Foundation  in  support  of  international   cardiovascular research, the passion behind the estate and wines can be experienced within each visit. At the helm of the estate, lies their newly appointed Winemaker and Director of Operations, Laura Díaz Muñoz. Born in Spain, Laura’s multi-cultural winemaking experience and education has enabled her to implement her own style while respecting the legacy of the Estate. 

“This is a great opportunity,” expressed Muñoz. “I will always be respectful of what has been done, while showcasing my own signature, which is to bring old and new world styles together.”

Focusing on premium wines and creating a warm and welcoming experience, Laura attributes the tremendous success of Ehlers Estate to the incredible team, and unwavering support of their customers.

“We have a family environment here. With only 20 incredibly dedicated employees, we have the opportunity to have meals together, work together and share this amazing place with our wonderful customers,” said Muñoz.

With a legacy of producing beautiful, estate grown wines, the historic California winery has created a haven for wine enthusiasts to experience for years to come.




3222 Ehlers Lane

St. Helena, CA