The Inaugural Vintage – Firewater Wines

Known for its opulent terroir and rich, earthy flavor profiles, the Rutherford AVA is home to some of the most preeminent wines in the Napa Valley. For Proprietors, Jeff and Miriam Riley, the allure of the valley and passion for wine became the catalyst for Firewater Wines, a brand inspired by the Native American culture, and dedicated to sustainability.
“Our brand admires and is inspired by the Native American culture who has taught us and continues to teach us to be respectful of the earth,” explained Jeff Riley. With a background in graphic design and marketing, the collaboration between Jeff and Miriam Riley was ideal. From their premium vineyard selections in both Napa and Sonoma, to their commitment to the industry, the dynamic couple will release their inaugural Rutherford vintage in early spring of 2018. “The fruit is excellent,” said Jeff Riley. “We have taken our time to blend it correctly and it really shows in the final product.”
In partnership with Wine maker Eric Hansen Firewater wines is producing only 300 hand-crafted bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon in 2014. With a focus on quality, the wine highlights the true expression of the Rutherford terroir.
“We are more than excited about our first release and hope everyone enjoys this wine as much as we do,” said Miriam Riley. “We believe in this wine and it’s finally time to share it.”
From grape to bottle, the boutique brand is inspirited by the montra. “from the earth, for the earth.” Dedicated to producing the finest wine, Firewater Wines is also committed to safeguarding a sustainable future through their Firewater sustainable faming initiatives and will be donating funds to sustainable farming research. The brand has selected the UC Davis Agricultural Sustainability Institute as their 2018 benefactor.
“When you’re in a business that relies on agriculture, sustainable farming just makes good common sense. Mankind is on a journey. Sustainable farming helps ensure we will have food when we get there,” said Jeff Riley. “We all love the earth and want to do our best to be good stewards. Sustainable farming makes for sustainable wine drinking.”

Firewater Wines

Contact: Jeff and Miriam Riley
Napa Valley, 707-302-8688
Article By: Valerie Owens