Reasons for raising your glass.  There are many upsides to enjoying a glass of lovely red wine.

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of negative associations about drinking wine of any kind. Terms like wino and alcoholic are associated with people who enjoy drinking a bit too much. However, you may be surprised to learn that wine has a number of positive benefits for your mind, body and overall health. As long as you drink in moderation, red wine can actually help you on a path to a life of longevity.

There are many diverse types of wines that are all classified according to the grape variety and taste. The most common are White (champagne, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, muscat, chenin blanc, and Riesling), Red (merlot, pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon, and zinfandel), Rosé, Sparkling, and Sweet/Dessert.

Red Wine Effect – Diabetes and Cholesterol

As I mentioned in my previous article “Drinking Wine and Diabetes” the healthiest choice of wine with the most benefits comes from red wine. Besides having antioxidants, memory advantages and diabetes control it has also shown some surprising traits over long-term moderate use.

The most well-known benefit of drinking a glass a day is the enriched antioxidants which have been proven to prevent coronary artery disease. It also protects the lining of blood vessels in the heart; the compound resveratrol in particular prevents damage to blood vessels and reduces poor cholesterol.

Wine is Better With Age 

In addition, to a healthy heart it also improves your memory where it delays cognitive decline as we grow older, preventing age-related memory loss such as dementia.  What is it in wine that provides such an essential blood flow to the brain?  A study published in Scientific Reports February 2015 stated “that elderly rats treated with resveratrol enjoyed far better blood flow, memory and other brain growth than those not given the antioxidant.”  However drinking more to improve your memory isn’t suggested and should not conducted.

Be Healthy Drinking Red Wine

From a healthier heart, a recalled memory to stress relief for controlling diabetes, there are many other reasons to raise your glass from anniversaries, career milestones and life itself. The health benefits above only create drinking in moderation that much more gratifying. 

About Doris Hobbs: A San Francisco based Luxury Spokesmodel, Image Consultant, Contributing Editor, Key-Note Speaker, and Diabetes Advocate, Doris Hobbs is a creative visionary, accomplished entrepreneur, and fashion doyenne who has forged an unprecedented path in building her brand. Named by Diablo Magazine as “Best of the East Bay” as well as featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, InStyle Magazine, and CBS television. Doris has become a prominent public figure for her sought-after approach to refashioning diabetes in luxury and glamour.

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