Cultivating Health, Harmony and Higher Consciousness

From a young age, HerbaBuena founder Alicia Rose said she’s been motivated by a desire “to leave the planet slightly better than I found it.”

After gaining a master’s degree in ecosystem science, Alicia cemented her recognition and understanding of world-class wine brands as the marketing director for Napa- based Bounty Hunter Rare Wines. In 2014 she founded Earth & Ethos, a Napa-based holistic branding firm that helped define the legacy of dozens of wineries worldwide. In 2015, informed by decades spent developing some of the country’s most iconic, ultra- premium wine brands, Alicia Rose took a  leap of faith and founded HerbaBuena, a conscious cannabis company. Besides her desire to fulfill a quest to “cultivate greater health for people and the planet,” her goal was to redefine the cannabis industry’s perception of quality. Today, she is a leading voice in California cannabis. “In our experience, the full benefits of cannabis are realized when you rely on, rather than attempt to recreate, the plants’ natural lifecycle and inherent complexities,” explained Rose. “Just like the world’s greatest wines, the goal is to obtain a state of total harmony and balance.”

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Rose believes quality cannabis can support greater wellness, joy, and presence, but not all cannabis is created equal. She points out, “The market is inundated with products made with highly concentrated forms of THC that are not only devoid of the plants most therapeutic properties but may actually cause harm.” Mass market cultivators implement technology and chemically derived inputs to churn out  vast  quantities of products in highly accelerated, 12-week cycles. Biodynamic farming principles, defined as a healing practice for the earth, support the development of the plant’s 400+ unique therapeutic compounds throughout the entire seven-month growing season. HerbaBuena believes this is of primary importance for developing superior quality products. Approaching cannabis much like exceptional wine,  HerbaBuena is defining  a new level of quality for the industry by crafting their offerings from biodynamic, sun-grown cannabis and organic ingredients, free from distillates, isolates, hydrocarbons, or artificial ingredients.

“It’s  like  the  idea  that  grapes  grown in a warehouse could create a truly exceptional wine,” said Rose. “Any great winemaker will tell you it’s not  possible.  Because  cannabis  is a therapeutic plant for mind and body, infusing healing intention in every detail is paramount.” Alicia went on to say, “Sadly, there’s still too little truly informed guidance around  this plant.”  This fact has encouraged Alicia and her team to expand their cannabis event offerings to include HerbaBuena Social Club, private elevated tastings and curated cannabis bars.

Those interested in learning more can join HerbaBuena at an upcoming event or reserve a private tasting with Alicia Rose in wine country.

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Article By: Laurie Jo Miller Farr