Ideology Cellars Enjoys Taking Guests Outside over the Tasting Bar

Getting to know each other’s stories is a goal for the family team at Ideology Cellars in the Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley.  They would much rather get their guest out in their “Unique” vineyards than saddle up to a tasting bar.  Better yet, how about a picnic on their beautiful grounds?

“There is nothing like learning about someone over breaking bread and sharing a glass of wine,” said Vintner Bob Williamson.  He is so proud of what his vineyard can produce that six years ago he sold his tasting room facility, which he designed and built to concentrate on making great estate Cabernet.

Photo Credit: Jason Lee

Williamson spent years building custom homes while enjoying his evolutionary wine experience for his “like for wine to love for wine to being in 18 wines clubs to purchasing a 20-acre vineyard” in 2005 and taking over Koves-Newlan Winery.  He designed and built a custom wine facility on the property that catered to 18 wineries.

“As I got older, I wanted to focus on my wines, not everyone else’s.” said Williamson. “Two years ago, he hired acclaimed winemaker, Leigh Meyering, who owns her own wine lab, My Enologist. Together the two have focused on making award-winning estate Cabernet.

The name, Ideology was suggested by a wine maker, not Leigh according to Williamson.

“It’s an unusual name for the wine business,” he said. “The root is a philosopher.  I see relating to wine world as simple. The growing of the grapes to the producing of the grapes to the art of the blending it is like a religion.  Our Wine philosophy – Ideology.  Make the best wine we can with different styles.”

Meyering is excited about the Vineyard that butts up against the Mayacamas Mountains and is located just south of the famous To Kalon Vineyards in Rutherford.  A unique and rare alluvial fan makes this property’s terroir ideal for Cabernet.

Ideology Cellars

“The vineyard speaks to us and tells us what it needs; like more water or it’s too hot for a long period of time,” said Meyering.  “I don’t talk to the vineyard, but the vineyard talks to me and I listen.”

Napa Valley is made up of several micro climates and every area is slightly different.  The rocky terrain of Oak Knoll District is also shaded from the harsh afternoon sun from the adjacent mountain making a slightly cooler temperature than the neighboring vineyards just to the north.  This allows for more hang time of the fruit, which increases the complexity of the wines and is one of the reasons Robert Parker gives Ideology Cellars high rankings.

Each tasting is customized to the guest or group depending on what they want.  Ideology Cellars offers three unique tastings:

Estate Tasting

A curated mix of four wines from the portfolio. $35 per person (Club Members: complimentary for up to four.)

Reserve Tasting

Selection of six wines, $55 per person (Club Members: complimentary for up to four.)

Barrel Tasting

A unique experience includes a tasting of six wines along with a tour of their barrel room where you will taste the latest vintage directly from the barrel, $75 per person (Club Members: complimentary for two)
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