An industry focused on taste, smell, and most importantly grapes – James Moss knows it well. Since 2001, James has highlighted the exceptional terroir of the Napa Valley through the production of his award-winning wines.

Placing pride on showcasing the region’s most renowned fruit, James creates wines that are composed of explosive aromatics, depth and complexity.

Getting his start in wine distribution sales in Dallas, Texas, James said he “got the bug” for wine and developed his pallet through educational courses. After earning a trip to the Napa Valley in 1997, James’ passion for wine turned into his life’s calling. “When I came out to Napa, all I could think of was how awesome it was. I met my future wife and moved out one year later,” said James. “I loaded up my U-Haul, S10 pick-up truck and drove to Napa Valley from Irving, Texas. I live on the edge and always have.”

For over 20 years, James has been dedicated to the wine industry, working professionally for a wine and spirits distributor and dedicating personal time to pursuing his Napa Valley dream.

James was given the opportunity of being mentored by Mark Jessup and Gustavo Brambila, and through their guidance he began to hone his talents as a winemaker.

“I was very fortunate to work with Mark,” said James, “He taught me so much. It was a great learning experience. I worked with Gus for six years, and he educated me more on the technical side and taught me how to make fine wine. It was in 2001 while working with Gus that I made my first Cabernet.”

With an entrepreneurial spirit, James is thankful to his wife, Janet Moss. “Janet has been my biggest supporter from day one, with her knowledge of the wine business and helping with day to day operations is a big reason that J. Moss is successful,” said James.

James, his wife Janet, and son Westley opened their winery J. Moss in 2011 in the Wine Crusher District located in South Napa, becoming one in a handful of black-owned wineries in the Napa Valley.

In 2012 consultant winemaker Julie Hagler Lumgair joined the J. Moss team, and the winery has continued to evolve and make their mark in the Valley, being recognized by critics such as Wine Spectator, James Suckling and Robert Parker. Focused on quality and first-rate hospitality, guests can feel at home at the Moss family winery as they savor exceptional wine.

“I am a firm believer that you have to go for your dreams,” expressed James. “It’s all about your attitude and I knew I could do this. It’s all about the heart and soul.”


901 Enterprise Way, Suite B

Napa, CA 94558



Article By: Valerie Owens