Founder // Serenity Homes of Napa Valley

Philanthropy in Napa Valley

John Apodaca’s desk overflows with letters of thanks from grateful wives, husbands, parents, and children who have witnessed unimaginable transformations in their loved ones, thanks to Apocada’s Serenity Homes sober living environments. His walls are covered with photos of those who have successfully completed the sustained recovery program, their pictures a source of inspiration for Apocada, his team of leaders, and those newly entering the Serenity family.

Known to thousands of grateful Napa residents as ‘Johnny A,’ Apocada created  the basis for Serenity Homes 24 years ago when he opened his home to several friends in recovery. These housemates became an extended family where every member was singularly focused on recovery, personal growth, and helping others. The environment proved so successful that Apocada began acquiring more homes to accommodate others seeking drug and alcohol sobriety.

In 2005, he incorporated Serenity  Homes of Napa Valley as a non-profit and in 2019, Serenity served 101 members, achieving an astonishing sobriety rate of 82 percent.

Currently, Apocada and his team operate seven homes in Napa. Johnny’s current focus, to hallmark the 25th Anniversary of Serenity Homes, is to find caring Napans willing to donate their  homes, in whatever condition, to create  another Women’s Home and a special home for Dual Diagnosis members.

Apodaca also runs Serenity Builders, a Napa contracting service employing those in recovery. “Johnny A has earned his place in Napa history as one of the true heroes of the least amongst us, by providing the overall structure, guidance, and hope for those willing to recover and rejoin our community as productive and sharing members,” said Don Winter, chairman of Serenity Homes. “To be sure, Johnny A himself has suffered numerous heartbreaks and disasters over the decades, but somehow he tirelessly  presses  on… and each success story of recovery refuels his indomitable hope and spirit. His impact on the well being of Napa County is incalculable.”


Article By: Fran Miller