Family-owned and operated since 1999, Keever Vineyards has produced premium Napa Valley wines since 2002.

Perched 300 feet above the valley floor in the western hills of Yountville lies the family estate, winery and vineyards. Composed of rocky, mountain terrior, Keever Vineyards provides a tranquil haven for oenophiles, embodying elegance and sophistication with each sip.

Ready to embrace retirement, Bill and Olga Keever purchased their rocky hillside estate with a desire to sell fruit in a community enriched by agriculture ascendancy.

“I call this adventure progressive insanity” said co-owner of Keever Vineyards, Olga Keever.

“We planned to retire and grow and sell grapes. Our vineyard was designed by Jim Barbour of Barbour Vineyard Management and our intent was to have the vineyards professionally farmed and just be involved in the management of our grape contracts with wineries that we hoped would buy our fruit. However, we didn’t sell a single grape. Instead, Jim convinced us that we wouldn’t be happy if we didn’t have our grapes in a bottle with our name on the label. We blame Jim for our failed retirement. As Bill likes to say, “We’re not retired, we’re just tired”.

With one decision, the Keevers embarked on a journey that would change the course of their lives. “Jim gave us a list of notable winemakers in the valley but he suggested we call the person at the top of the list first. That person was Celia Welch. She interviewed us and walked the vineyards. She examined the vines, crumbled soil in her hands and checked out our fields of rocks,” explained Olga. “She liked what she saw and said she would call us back by the end of the week to let us know if she would be making our wine. That was on a Monday. She called back on Friday and said yes. We were beyond thrilled!”

Keever Vineyards produces their flagship Cabernet Sauvignon, a red-blend called Inspirado and a Sauvignon Blanc. Additionally, they make a small amount of their crème de la crème Cabernet called ORO. A true family operation, Bill and Olga, along with their son, Jason who is in charge of winery operations, and their daughter, Ashley who manages hospitality and the office, work together like a well-oiled machine. Of course, Heradio Rios, their Cellar Master, and Liz Wilkens, Wine Society Manager and Hospitality, round out the team to perfection.

“Our goal is to consistently produce superb wines.”

The Keevers are an example of love, dedication and support of a dream and a family legacy that they hope will live on for generations to come. Through passion and perseverance, Keever Vineyards is committed to producing ultra-premium wines in the heart of the Napa Valley.


Keever Vineyards

P.O. Box 2906, Yountville, CA 94599

Tastings and Tours are By-Appointment-Only