Intriguing Vintners

When Kisha and Jason Itkin first visited the Diamond Mountain property they would come to own as Theorem Vineyards, it was love at first sight. The Houston based couple recognized the property’s potential and understood that the site’s unique location – with its minimal fog, abundant sunlight, and volcanic soils – would yield greatness in the vineyard and in their finished wines. “It may sound clichéd, but something about that spectacular property called to us,” says Kisha, whose scientific background lends itself well to her role as Theorem’s president. “We could not necessarily articulate the feeling, but Jason and I both knew that we were meant to do something together on this special site.” Their efforts included the rescue and restoration of several historically significant buildings (including a one-room schoolhouse) dating to the mid- 1800s, the construction of a new cellar and tasting salon, and the preservation and replanting of the vineyard which had suffered from neglect. With the help of consulting winemaker Thomas Rivers Brown and Vineyard Manager Josh Clark, they slowly coaxed the vineyard back to greatness. Their flagship Voir Dire (a wink to Jason’s legal profession) and Hawk’s Prey Diamond Mountain Estate Cabernets are delicious testimonies to their efforts.

“We are not interested in trying to conform to any wine industry norm,” said Kisha. “We strive to showcase the best characteristics of what we can grow and produce, yet our motivation in founding Theorem goes beyond a love of wine. Over time we hope our daughter Alia will become imbued with our same sense of wonder and that she finds as strong a connection to the property as we have.”


Article By: Fran Miller