Meticulously Reflecting an Owner’s Personality or a Winery’s Branding is Key to Successful Interior Design

When approaching  a new project on behalf of Kristin Martin Design, the enthusiasm of the firm’s principal comes through in spades. Describing the essence of her design work and inspiration derived from the region’s beauty, Kristin explained, “I love texture, natural elements and combining them with super clean lines…a balance of new and old that brings in the unique feel of the Napa Valley.”

Importantly, Kristin points out that one key question must always be asked. The answer requires critical insights in consultation with the client to inform alignment on a vision, a master plan. The question: How does a room reflect the owners’ personalities and how does a winery reflect the essence of the brand?

Despite her firm’s prominence in Napa Valley, Kristin Martin comes across as refreshingly down-to-earth. She speaks with pride about the high degree of trust given to KMD by the owners of a recent project, a private St. Helena residence with a pool house. Imagine custom every- thing—furniture, leather walls, lighting—all  coming   together to create a super wow factor when the owners walked in at completion.

Kristin Martin has always loved interior design, although her path to get where she is today wasn’t a straight line.

After college, she first went into the sales and marketing side of the wine business. Looking to tap into her creativity, Kristin started her own design business not realizing at the time that her wine industry experience would become a key factor in the future of her company. As things turned out, that knowledge serves her well in bringing the wine country lifestyle into every touch point in every space throughout a private home and garden, a wine cellar, a tasting venue or an entire winery estate.

I pride myself on the business management side of the project I’m undertaking. It’s every bit as important as the design aspect.”

kristen ma rtin design

“This is particularly true  for wine tasting room renovations, where it’s critical to have as little downtime as possible. I’m acutely aware of avoiding the cost of lost time,” Kristin said.

An impressive KMD portfolio is dotted with names such as Beringer Vineyards, Stags’ Leap Winery, Sterling Vineyards, Salvestrin Winery, Whitehall Lane Winery, and Chateau  St.  Jean  in Sonoma Valley. When asked about the special ingredient that makes her design work among the very best, Kristin doesn’t hesitate to point to her contractors and subcontractors saying, “They’re absolutely tops. I couldn’t be suc- cessful without this amazing crew who do a great job of understand- ing what’s in my head. After 14 years, we work together like a well-oiled machine.”

Currently gearing up for an upcoming KMD project at Miner Family Wines on the Silverado Trail, Kristin is excited about a broad transformation on-property that will include the exterior facade, front elevation, tasting room and caves.

“It’s been such a fun ride so far,” said Kristin. “I’ve been entrusted with some of the most historic and precious properties in the Wine Country and I’m honored to be con- nected to their distinguished past, present and future.”




Article By: Laurie Jo Miller Farr