Intriguing Wellness Practitioner

Leslie Silver brings the Napa community a current application of a classic paradigm of health. This understanding, which is the result of extensive study of Han Dynasty acupuncture, dates back to 206 BC. Her craft comes to life in her acupuncture practice, which blends ancient wisdom based medicine with practical insights, effectively treating a wide range of health challenges.

Leslie believes hidden in the rhythm of her patient’s pulse is a signature of their well-being. Taking her patient’s pulse with the multiple levels of information it yields is one of the most illuminating aspects of her acupuncture therapy.   Leslie considers over 27 pulse positions giving information on different aspects of the body’s major organs and their inter-relationships.

This includes critical life experiences that yield valuable information for treatment and diagnosis. She then establishes an assessment based on what she hears, feels and observes focusing on vital forces, which express themselves in one’s pulse, reflecting the way they move through the challenges of their lives. She reviews the images of the pulse readings with each patient, giving them an understanding of how to use that unique information to support their healing and wellbeing.

With a wide range of tools and a gift for connecting with her patients, Leslie creates a plan to empower each patient. Her generous approach in sharing time, as well as knowledge, creates an experience that includes prescribing supplements and formulas to take her patients closer to their health goals. When she is not in her acupuncture clinic she can be found offering personal growth services, personal coaching, tarot readings and teaching folks how to deepen their intuition to learn to read their own Tarot. Leslie’s intriguing approach to healing is uniquely equipped to understand individual, personalized experiences to customize health goals.


Article By: Janna Waldinger