Bridging the Gap between Beauty and Wellness

LIV + GRACE SKINCARE is Napa Valley’s premier, clean beauty skincare brand, Bridging the Gap between Beauty and Wellness. Cindy O’Brien founded LIV + GRACE after 30 years of uplifting women through fashion and beauty as a model, Hollywood make-up artist, and holistic aesthetician in The Napa Valley. She named the company after her daughters, the loves of her life, Liv and Grace.

O’Brien became interested in nontoxic beauty and wellness when she had health challenges that led her to examine her lifestyle, diet, and environmental toxins. Then as she immersed herself in her holistic skincare practice, she quickly uncovered the dark side of the beauty industry–the dirty little secrets that are harmful to our health and our ecosystem.

O’Brien made it her purpose to educate others and developed an exceptional, highly curated collection of products that deliver quick and effective results using the most nutrient-dense, science-backed ingredients to support the body and its natural healing processes.

care about maintaining their health and aging with grace, those who want to live their lives to the fullest. “Our customers do not want to be slaves to beauty, but rather, to look their best without compromising personal health or the health of the planet,” she said.

LIV + GRACE sustainably sources the highest quality botanicals, organics, and nontoxic active ingredients worldwide. As a holistic aesthetician, O’Brien implements a comprehensive testing and vetting process with both her esthetic clients and her team to thoroughly scrutinize her products from farming to finish for sustainability
and adherence to clean beauty standards to ensure they “keep it clean and keep it real.”

The principles of superior quality, tangible results, and the use of ultraclean ingredients that are good for consumers and the planet define the company’s mission. LIV + GRACE helps clients “Clean and Green their Beauty Routine” by adding safer products to their daily skincare regimen that protect and nourish the skin from within and activate the body’s natural healing and protective processes. The outcome will awaken and elicit one’s youthful radiance at any age without compromising results or one’s health.

By removing the “dirty lotions and potions” – common chemical ingredients like parabens, propylene glycol, phthalates and synthetic fragrances– the company reduces the body’s daily toxic chemical load. All LIV + GRACE products are gluten free and animal cruelty free.

“The goal is to protect against toxicity, premature aging and oxidative stress to the skin. You will find everything your skin needs in the LIV + GRACE collection, regardless of age or stage of life, because each product is adjustable, added O’Brien. “They are made like the world-renowned Napa Valley wines and gastronomies, with nature, science, and art, all blended to perfection,” O’Brien explained.

LIV + GRACE is the exclusive Napa Valley skincare brand for Spa Talisa, Four Seasons Napa Valley, where one can purchase products or enjoy their clean beauty facials. The company also ships anywhere in the United States.

Story By: Elizabeth Smith // Photo By: Frank Gutierrez Photography