As the pandemic continues, Friday nights out with friends have transformed into cozy evenings at home. Suddenly, foodies must seek new ways to indulge and satisfy their cravings for adventurous cuisine and quaffable drinks. Thankfully, with some inspiration, any novice home-cook can whip up their own exciting evening. RD Winery has one tasty solution.

With their cool and exotic aesthetic and subtle influence from Vietnamese culture, RD Winery presents unique, but easy-to-make recipes, each paired with the perfect wine. The “Great Nights In” wine and recipe trios simplify food and wine pairings so anyone can be a chef and sommelier in their own kitchen.

RD Winery a night in

RD Winery’s winemaker, Timothy Milos, is acclaimed for his minimalist approach in the cellar, which results in beautifully-balanced, terroir-driven wines. “Great Nights In” trios include a cross-section of the winery’s food-friendly offerings– from Napa classics to uncommon varieties. Among the selections are a fruity Chenin Blanc, complex Grüner Veltliner, and luscious Syrah, as well as, a succulent Grenache Rosé, lively Malvasia Bianca, and a juicy Merlot-based red blend. 

The winery collaborated with Portland chef and photographer, David Reamer to develop impressive, but simple recipes that satisfy a range of palates and lifestyles. Most of the recipes call for just a handful of ingredients, and all the steps are easy to follow. There are options for gluten-free, vegetarian, and plant-based diets, with dishes that span the globe, from the US to Vietnam and the Mediterranean.  

Memorable food and wine experiences aren’t limited to Friday nights. The winery makes some playful suggestions for how to enjoy some of the recipes that can be made in about 40 minutes. Spend a weeknight cozied up with a bowl of green curry and glass of the red blend. Or plan a picnic with the easy-to-assemble grilled flatbread and Malvasia Bianca. The sky’s the limit, but one thing is for sure, doing something special doesn’t have to be complicated. 

The winery offers two options: The Everyday Celebrations and The Conversation Starter. These 3-packs of wine can be picked up at the winery or shipped. Online purchases include doorstep delivery in the price making it a great gift. As our time spent at home wears on, it’s nice to know our love for good food and Napa wine doesn’t have to cease. Cheers to the unexpected magic of a special evening in.