Article by: Elizabeth Smith  // Images Courtesy of Mavericks Builders


  Numerous magazines, books, and television shows have featured award-winning Mavericks Builders and CEO Robin Nielsen not only for their beautiful luxury homes, but for being a women-owned business. She’s also been noted as a leader who was paramount in the transition of the mainstream building industry toward more sustainable practices. Working alongside the U.S. Green Building Council, Mavericks built the first LEED (Leadership in Energy Efficient Design) Certified Home, the pilot project from which the LEED for Homes standards were created. As a result, the U.S. Green Building Council wrote, “this is one of the most important residential projects in the U.S.” LEED is now the world’s most widely used green building system.

Nielsen always loved design, architecture, and construction. She began flipping homes while in college and has been in construction ever since. Nielsen founded Mavericks Builders, driven by a passion for the earth, a commitment to a sustainable future, and the love of creating unique and beautiful buildings. Today she is an accomplished contractor with extensive experience in luxury home development and construction. Mavericks has worked for over two decades providing residents of San

Francisco and the Greater Bay Area with exquisitely built homes. In 2020, Nielsen and her team began building in Napa. During this time, she created an impressive team of local Napa carpenters, project managers, superintendents, and subcontractors who know that communication, planning, collaboration, and hard work are essential for success. With her expert team in place, she is excited about future home and winery projects.

Besides Robin’s industry leadership, what sets Mavericks apart is that it is woman founded, owned, and operated. Her method is to employ people who are excellent in their craft, responsive, and flexible – a solid team of professionals who pride themselves on building high-quality structures that come in on budget and on time. The result is happy customers.

Mavericks has excellent relationships with many of the Bay Area’s top architects, engineers, and designers. When clients bring their thoughts and ideas, Robin’s team helps connect them with the right architect or designer. No matter what stage of planning or pre-construction, Mavericks’ method of working closely with the design team ensures the project vision’s journey from theory to application is seamless.

Because of their commitment to their clients, Mavericks adopted the motto – Never stop learning. “Keeping up with new methods and materials allows us to inform our clients how to incorporate up-to-date sustainable living methodology and green building practices into their home,” says Robin. “The results are remarkable homes that are healthier to live in, reduce utility costs, save energy, increase resale values, and enhance the quality of life.”

“We feel so blessed to be working in Napa that we relocated our headquarters here and never want to leave,” said Nielsen. “We love everything about being in Napa – the great people, the everchanging gorgeous scenery, the unique and beautiful architecture – and of course, the wineries.” Nielsen and her team continue to make their mark on Napa Valley as they did in San Francisco by forging lifelong happy client relationships that result from building amazing homes. Mavericks Builders make dreams become realities. They cannot wait to show you what they can do.