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To say our lives have changed and how we live since COVID is an understatement. So many have decided to move away from the brick-and-mortar workplace to enjoy a different lifestyle or have more room to sprawl. With so many people working remotely and sporadically commuting to work, this has led to the need for larger homes to accommodate family and work-life. One of the on-trend solutions to accomplish this is the accessory dwelling unit (ADU).

With the rising need for housing, the ADU has created a unique niche to increase property value by adding functional space for offices, additional dwellings for guests, relatives (think granny-unit), au pairs, or even classrooms for kids. The most significant use case for an ADU is rental space, whether it be a monthly lease or an ongoing vacation rental. These second units are being added over a garage or as a separate, constructed unit on the property, often beautifully appointed, so there is a seamless flow. And, of course, with the massive housing shortage in the Bay Area, these fabulous units add a perfect solution to a significant problem.

Even better news…Napa county is very much behind increasing the number of ADUs in the county and is spending $9 million to help spur their construction. The average composition of the units is between 400sq ft-1000sq ft in size. Whether built from scratch or installed as a prefabricated unit placed on the property, the ADU phenomenon plays a significant role in helping to house our teachers, nurses, and hospitality industry, who are desperate for housing near where they work. And for the homeowner, it’s a great way to supplement income to help pay their mortgage or build financial stability.

In summary, ADUs present a winning proposition for everyone. Whether you want to increase the value of your home, add space to supplement income, or provide additional living space for your family, the health and prosperity of the entire community benefit from the availability of increased housing.