Napa’s Local Spot

When visiting Napa Valley Country Club (NVCC) for the first time, most people’s reaction is often one of wonderment. “They look around and wonder why they’ve never heard of this place,” said Heather Vigil, the club’s Membership Director. But, of course, part of that is by design, and that is the way NVCC has operated since 1915 – a close kept secret by its members because there are benefits to being part of a private club that provides locals a chance to escape from the tourist-driven sights around town.

So who are these members? According to Vigil, it’s “2nd and 3rd generation Napans who grew up at this club. They competed on the club’s swim team in the summer, participated in the big Egg Hunt every Easter, and it’s where they learned to golf and play tennis.” Now it’s their kids who are joining under the new NVCC “Associate” membership options that provide a vehicle for the next generation of members.

Not only has NVCC garnered the attention of younger generations, but it has also provided a source of community for newly transplanted Napa residents. As the pandemic created opportunities to work from home and saw a boom in residential demand, the new residents flocked to NVCC. “We became one of the few places in town where you could meet new friends that live and work in the valley.”


Over three-quarters of NVCC’s membership is comprised of professionals involved in the wine industry. “So it’s not just a great place to develop social connections, it’s also a great place to network and develop professional relationships,” said Vigil.

Ever since the pandemic forced people to recreate outdoors, golf and tennis have been booming. And there is no better place in Napa to find fresh air activities. But to join NVCC, new applicants have to be sponsored by another member. “When I get a call from a prospective member, they often assume that they won’t know any existing members. Then they come for a tour, and more often than not, they see a few familiar faces. Then as I guide them on a tour of the clubhouse, they immediately feel comfortable and get that feeling that NVCC can be their second home,” Vigil explained.


But even if a prospective member doesn’t know any other member, Vigil has a knack for connecting new members to existing members. “It really is like a family here. This membership continues to amaze me with how friendly and inviting it can be.”

NVCC has gone through some dynamic changes in the past couple of COVID years. “One reason we have had so much success is our ability to be dynamic and understand the shift in the wants and needs of the members. It’s no longer just about programming around golf and tennis; rather, we spend equal time focusing on membership’s appetite for social events, children’s programs, and an elevated food and beverage program.”

Photos Courtesy of Napa Valley Country Club