Chelsea Andre’s Napa-based business, Breathing Day Wellness, has undergone significant transformations in the past year, and more changes are underway.

The yoga and wellness coach had already pivoted several times to meet the distancing protocols over the last 18 months. Her holistic services expanded online during the pandemic, and she began offering meditation and yoga on social media platforms such as Instagram. In addition, she developed the yoga workshop “Home,” which delivered a four-week course every month to detoxify mind and body and align and nurture body and soul. Each week focused on a different theme: Clarify, Attune, Nourish, and Vision.

Chelsea has also been brainstorming and collaborating with fellow movement and healing practitioner Kelli Stuart. Together, they plan to create a communal space where healers and wellness professionals can consolidate their energies and provide a co-op of wellness for mind, body, and soul.

The collective healing space will be up and running in the new year; however, Kelli and Chelsea hope to begin offering a variety of classes this fall. By trying out a range of offerings, they hope to get a sense of community interests and home in on their services when the business officially launches.The programs will focus on movement, with Kelli leading Pilates and barre classes and Chelsea offering yoga in addition to her coaching, essential oil education, and meditation courses. The two partners also want to add a wide range of healing services to the collective: ayurvedic practitioners, masseuses, lymphatic draining specialists, reflexologists, sound healing practitioners, and expressive movement teachers for classes like belly dancing and ecstatic dance.

Breathing Day Wellness came about in 2013 when Chelsea began offering her wellness coaching and movement courses to individuals. Chelsea taught dance for over thirteen years, later transitioning to yoga, focusing on kundalini yoga instruction. “I’ve spent a lot of years teaching everyday folks like me how to connect with themselves and find peace and calm through accessible, practical tools like kundalini and essential oils. This connection to ourselves and the planet is so important in our lives right now,” Chelsea shared.

One of Chelsea’s yoga classes uses the moon’s movements to inspire intention setting, journaling, and reflection exercises to heal and remove blockages. Cosmic aspects of the new moon lead the way for movement and kundalini meditation.

“Like the moon, we are ever-changing,” Chelsea explained, “We want to harness that energy and use the power to move forward and to evolve with manifestations.”

With the new year fast approaching, a gift of a day of healing services or a month of meditation classes might be just the thing to start 2022 with an inspired perspective. Chelsea currently offers gift certificates for Breathing Day one-on-one yoga, meditation, wellness coaching programs, the Home and Moon workshops, and an introduction to essential oils class.

Story By: Layne Randolph // Photo By: Erika Cole Photography