Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto wants to start a new trend in Napa Valley and Wine Country.  He invited a select group to his Napa Morimoto restaurant to debut his Easy Cup Morimoto Sake. 

“This style of Sake is very popular in Japan,” said Morimoto.  “I’m honored to introduce my version of it to Napa and America.  I’m hoping it will become as popular here as in Japan.” 

The normally serious side of Chef Morimoto turned almost giddy with excitement as he described the Easy Cup Morimoto Sake.  Sake is made from rice, but there are many types of rice as he pointed out.  He said he selected only premium grade Yamada Nishiki rice for his Sake, which has been polished to 70-percent and brewed with the pure Fushimizu water.  Housed in a 210 ML glass bottle with a reusable lid, the Easy Cup Sake is easy to drink and is affordable. 

Though the Easy Cup Sake bears Morimoto’s name, it’s not exclusive to his international restaurants.  Morimoto said the Easy Cup Sake should be enjoyed by everyone.  Cup Sake in Japan is found in super markets, vending machines and convenience stores. 

“This is a new item for the United States”, said Morimoto.  “We are currently contracted with WinCo, Lucky, Albertsons and Cost Plus.” 

The concept for the Easy Cup Morimoto Sake is two years in the making.  Chef got the idea when he was at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival in Miami, Florida.  He did a sake pairing with another chef and his cuisine.  He realized he needed to introduce Sake to Americans and began working on his idea for a Sake.  He designed the logo and the sleeve that holds five bottles.

Morimoto joked that the Easy Cup Sake has reusable cap, but in Japan he said they drink this kind of sake down not sip like most Americans do now.  Maybe that will change with the Morimoto Easy Cup Sake.