by Francie Low | Photos courtesy of Paula Kornell Sparkling Wine

Sipping a sparkling wine, one cannot help but feel festive and happy. “Bubbles are for celebrations,” is the customary thinking. However, wine producer, Paula Kornell, aims to redefine this tradition with her label, Paula Kornell Sparkling Wine.

“I want people to enjoy sparkling wine all the time and know that it’s intended for all occasions and non-occasions,” said Paula.

As a fourth-generation sparkling wine producer, Paula is primed to take this vision to reality. She grew up in Napa Valley, her father, Hanns Kornell, bringing his German wine-making talents to California in the 1950s. Sparkling wine was often served as part of their everyday life, whether it was a Tuesday-night supper or a grand affair.

Paula always imagined carrying on the family business until her father was forced to shutter the doors in 1992. Instead, she took her family experience to esteemed wineries such as Joseph Phelps and Robert Mondavi, where she expanded her knowledge, learning every aspect of the wine business, and eventually started a consulting firm of her own, Kornell Wine Company. Despite her career success, deep down, Paula knew sparkling wine was in her blood, and she returned to her roots– quite literally.

“Creating Paula Kornell Sparkling Wine is a dream come true,” said the Napa Valley native.

Following in her father’s footsteps, Paula uses the méthode Champenoise technique to produce both her wines, a California Brut she describes as “approachable, fun and delicious,” while the Blanc de Noirs, she calls “elegance in a bottle.” Her name graces the label, along with the same logo as her father’s wine, the Men of Canaan: two men carrying clusters of grapes. The figures represent Hanns’ journey to the bountiful land of California, much like the Biblical story of Moses sending a scouting party into the promised land, two men returning with proof. The imagery felt right.

Continuing the legacy is a ‘coming home’ for Paula, whose vision is simple –to produce great sparkling wine. And she does it with award-winning style, receiving high ratings for both cuvees. The 2017 Blanc de Noirs earned 91 points by Wine Spectator and 95 points by Wine Enthusiast, along with the Editor’s Choice Award. In 2020, the California Brut ranked fifth of the top 100 wines by Wine Enthusiast and scored a 94-point rating.

It’s no wonder how two great sparklers came to be, as she shares similar tastes for the ideal wine with her winemaker Robin Akhurst. Together, they are as compatible as the traditional Champagne-style varieties selected for Paula’s sparkling wine: pinot noir and chardonnay. The result is delicious wines with pinpoint bubbles and high acidity to complement any food.

Paula puts her heart and soul into each bottle, as inspired by her father’s very words. She welcomes the opportunity to share the Napa Valley experience and her family legacy, an effervescent invitation that reflects both her and her wine for any moment and any meal.

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