Popular Napa Valley Pilates Studio Doubles and Then Triples in Size to Meet Demand of Pilates Lovers

Pilates Napa Valley’s motto has always been to “tone, sweat and transform” with their fitness-style Pilates classes. Now after 12-years, owner Heidi Strong invites people to visit their brand new expanded studio in north Napa. 

With 50 classes offered seven days a week, or in one-on-one private sessions, members can tailor their workouts to successfully gain lean muscle strength, more flexibility, better posture, improved balance, tone up and watch inches melt off, especially that pesky “core” area and backside.

pilates napa valleyDesiree Del Dotto, Chief Operating Officer and Owner at Del Dotto Vineyards shared, “I’ve probably been going to Pilates Napa for three years after a friend first recommended the studio to me. I’m not a big workout person, but at 35, I wanted  to be toned and healthier for the long term. I immediately started to feel better – I have scoliosis and can’t run or do exercises like that – luckily  I  fell  in  love with Pilates. They have great instructors, all very likable, so I’m not surprised that the business has done so well. Heidi herself is always happy and in great shape. It’s the best exercise that I’m glad I started on now so I can do it in my 60s and 70s like the others at the studio have.”

With 3,000 square feet of bright open space, their Pilates studio is fully equipped, featuring both contemporary and classical Pilates machines  including: Trapeze Table (aka the “Cadillac”), Ladder  Barrel, Spine Corrector,  “Electric” Chair, Ped-a-pull, nine Reformers  with  cardio  jump-boards and plank bars, nine MVe Pilates Chairs and six Wall Towers. Students perform exercises under the guidance of certified instructors in small group classes, privates, or duets. Both classical and con- temporary Pilates styles are available.

“I was a graphic designer for 25 years, sitting at a desk for far too long. In 2006 I took my first Pilates class with a Reformer and fell in love. I literally quit my job two weeks later, signed up for a 450-hour teacher training certification program, to save my own back and shoulders. I opened my first studio in 2007 with 750 square feet, quickly outgrew that, and expanded to double our space. Now, my third studio is again double in size to accommodate more classes and separate private areas for individuals and duets,” Strong explained. “Nowadays, aging baby boomers are getting referred by their doctors and physical therapists to maintain their health and mitigate injuries.”

“I’m thrilled to be a local business owner with a thriving business in my home town – with clients of all ages – making a difference in people’s lives.”

Already in a sports or fitness program? That’s great. Pilates is designed as a stand-alone exercise regimen or to assist members to achieve more out of life and their chosen sport.


3138 Jefferson St., Napa, CA 94558

707-253-2214 // www.pilatesnapavalley.com


Article By: Eve Bushman