An Authentic Experience: Pope Valley Winery

Known for producing elegant and expressive wines, Pope Valley is nestled in the northeastern corner of Napa Valley. A tranquil haven for oenophiles, the region is known for its country charm and historic relevance. For Pope Valley Winery, the acclaimed terrain and rustic ambiance set the tone for an unforgettable experience.

Dating back to 1897, Pope Valley Winery was formerly, Burgundy Winery & Olive Oil Factory. Acquired by the Eakle family in 1997, the hillside property features a one of as kind cellar built with large hand hewn wood timbers procured from the local Oathill Quicksilver Mine in the 1800’s, the original homestead farmhouse, and a blacksmith’s workshop with century old tools.

“Our cellar was created over a course of nine years and is still utilized today to cellar the barrels of our small lot wines just as it was used back in the late 1800’s,” said General Manager, Diana Eakle Hawkins.

A short jaunt from the valley floor, the drive to Pope Valley Winery is picturesque. With a windy road overlooking resplendent countryside, visitors can enjoy a calm and relaxing drive just 45 minutes from Downtown Napa. Upon arrival, guests are given a warm and hospitable welcome where they are invited to taste from a selection of 6 wines and tour the historic property.

Providing a unique one-one-one experience, Pope Family Winery offers guests the opportunity to experience an authentic representation of primordial Napa Valley. Featuring picnic tables and a bocce ball court, the winery invites visitors to bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the ambiance.

“Pope Valley Winery is so special because it is the last of its kind, a dying breed per say. It is one of the few undiscovered hidden treasures of Napa where you can go back to how the industry all started and see the roots of winemaking back to the 1800’s,” said Hawkins. “Where you come in as a guest and leave a friend, were not just another bottle of wine, we like the guest to experience the quiet, the vineyard the countryside and have the experience to look back on and to the future with.”

As of 2014, siblings David Eakle and Diana Eakle Hawkins have taken the helm of the winery and are focused on the experience, quality and authenticity. Collaborating with Winemaker, Bryan Avila, Pope Valley winery offers beautiful terroir inspired varietals such as Zinfandel, Chenin Blanc, Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tre Uve, to name a few. As the second generation, David and Diana are committed to providing guests with a grassroots experience and inviting them to become part of the family as they sip delectable wines overlooking the magnificent grounds of their childhood.

“We are 3rd generation Pope Valley natives, 9th from Napa County and the second generation running the winery,” said Hawkins. “I remember being here as a little girl and running through the cave and vineyards. Running the winery now means being a steward of its history and preserving it but still keeping things current and making amazing wine.”

Pope Valley Winery

6613 Pope Valley Road

Pope Valley, California 94567


Monday – Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m No appointment necessary

Family and Dog friendly Tasting Fee: $30



Article By: Valerie Owens