Cultivating Diversity by Bringing People Together Through Food and Wine

With an altruistic spirit and a commitment to cultivating a  diverse community, RD Winery brings the Vietnamese culture to the Napa Valley, unifying old world tradition with new world vinification.

Born in the Quảng Ngãi province along the South-Central Coast of Vietnam, RD Winery Founder Dong Van Nguyen grew up impoverished and was taught the value of hard work and per- severance from a young age. He ventured into the construction and real estate market, quickly building a reputation for his commitment to excellence and quality. A true rags-to-riches story, Nguyen’s  hard work paid off as he became the primary builder of crucial infrastructure in the region and was honored by the Vietnamese government as a ‘Hero of Labor” for his hand in  job creation.

“Mr. Nguyen is a visionary. His story is a reminder that if  you work hard and never give up, dreams do come true,” said Chief Executive Officer of RD Winery, Mailynh Phan.

With a passion for food and wine, Nguyen visited the prestigious Napa Valley. Inspired by the region’s artistry, the avid wine collector ventured into the industry with a goal to share Napa and California wine with his home country.

“Vietnam is home to Mr. Nguyen. His love for Napa wine was something he wanted to share,” explained Phan. “He started RD Winery so he could take a bit of Napa back home with him.”

RD Winery was launched in 2011, and for the first six years, all production was exported to Vietnam.  Through    passion and dedication, Nguyen wanted to share his wines with the US market, and in 2019 construction  began on a tasting room in south Napa, which is now welcoming visitors. Building a bridge between Vietnamese culture and Napa Valley and California wine,  RD   Winery   is  a place of unity and tranquility. “Our tasting room is an incredible space showcasing the beauty of Vietnamese culture, and we’re so excited to welcome visitors,” said Phan. Led by Head Winemaker Timothy Milos, RD Winery boasts a diverse selection of terroir-driven wines. From their Fifth Moon to their Hundred Knot varieties, there is something for everyone.

“The name, Fifth Moon, is based on the Vietnamese summer solstice  celebration.  The California wines are fruit- forward, refreshing, and pair  well with equatorial foods, which makes them perfect for pairing with all types   of   cuisine,” said Phan. “Our Hundred Knot label is based on a Vietnamese fable of the same name, reminiscent of Mr. Nguyen’s story. The focus of Hundred Knot is to showcase the best of the Napa and Sonoma wine regions.”

As the first Vietnamese- owned winery in the Napa Valley, RD Winery was  founded  ‘with an aspiration to bring people together through wine and food and  celebrating   life’s  nuances.’ A mission statement that not only encourages diversity but welcomes togetherness through a shared interest, wine.