The Sweet Spot

Gravel, sand, and clay over a  rock base flowing out of the western Mayacamas Mountains define the soil topography of Rodgers  Vineyards. For six generations, the Rodgers family has cultivated their land in its premier location in the Oak Knoll District in Napa Valley, serving the community and environment with love and dedication.

Descended from Portuguese sailors, dairy farmers, and entrepreneurs, the family’s roots were planted in Napa, Solano, and Sonoma in 1869. Raising cattle, growing corn, tomatoes, and alfalfa, operating  a dairy farm and a bottling company, the heritage set forth is an integral part of their success today.

“We treasure our family history and have a legacy of farming,” said President and Chief Executive Officer of Rodgers Vineyards, Anna Hickey. “Farming is the very fabric that made America. By honoring and caring for the land, we create something extraordinary. If we don’t love our dirt, it does not love us back.”

In 1941,  John  M.  Rodgers  purchased the family’s Napa Valley homestead in the Oak Knoll District planting to vine in 1969. Known as the “sweet spot,” the viticultural region is located at the southern end of the valley floor. Benefiting from the cool breeze from the San Pablo Bay and a longer growing season, the cooler climate district allows fruit to ripen gradually, producing elegant and expressive wines.

“The soil characteristics differ slightly from the north to the south of Rodgers Vineyards, and varietals are chosen based on what the dirt in that portion of the ranch calls for,” said Hickey. “The Rodgers and the Smiths used to run cattle on portions of their Oak Knoll District Ranch and appreciate the assistance the cattle played in the natural re- placement of nutrients and organic materials into the soil.”

Family owned and operated, Rodgers Vineyards has become a leading grape grower in the Oak Knoll District. Working with a diverse portfolio of varieties, the company partners with The Prisoner Wine Company, BV Winery, Franciscan Vineyards, Sterling Vineyards, Goosecross Cellars, Mumm Napa, Mondavi, Black Stallion Winery, Provenance Vineyards, and several boutique artisans to produce terroir- driven wines. Rodgers Vineyards also looks forward to adding new partners.

“When I look out into the vineyards, I see the history of my family. A history we are blessed to share with others through the quality of our fruit. This land also holds the future of our family. I have a deep connection with the property knowing that when I walk this dirt, my great grandfather walked it, and my mother played in it as well,” ex- pressed Hickey.

Sustainable for 151 years, Rodgers Family Vineyards is committed to preserving the beauty, integrity, and sustainability of the farming community. Honoring the land of their forefathers, the family pays homage to a lineage of entrepreneurs, ranchers, and growers from generation to generation.



Article By: Valerie Owens