The Good Life Collection – Scott Cleek

Scott Cleek has been actively showing his art in the Livermore Valley for over 15 years, but it has been a lifelong passion that has seamlessly blended with his love of wine.

Cleek began his exploration of art while growing up in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. He moved to Southern California after high school and honed his technical  skills  with a degree in Graphic Design and Advertising from San Diego State University. After graduation, he spent several years working for design agencies in San Diego and Los Angles before turning his full-time focus to fine art.

Although he has shown his work all over the country with shows in New York City, Las Vegas, and Maui, he thinks there is a special connection between wine and art.

Scott Cleek Art

Artists, such as Cleek, take an empty canvas and use imagination, creativity, vision, and past experi- ences to create a unique work of art that hopefully affects the person viewing it.

My paintings are created with the intent of capturing moments that stir emotion, evoke  a memory, set a mood, or simply allow us to dream.”

Similarly, winemakers are given a varietal of grapes from a particular “terroir” and use their knowledge, tools, and insight to create a wine that they hope will resonate with the person tasting it. An original painting and a beautiful wine can both leave a person totally enamored with the end result. Scott believes  this  parallelism  creates a wonderful connection between artists, winemakers, and people experiencing the final creation. His works can be found on the labels of Steven Kent Winery, where he has partnered in creating 13 labels  over the past 14 years for Steven’s Collector’s Circle Club. He has also been the official artist for the Livermore Harvest Festival.

Scott Cleek Art

Cleek’s most recent collection  of paintings has its roots in human emotion and interaction. Inspired by his travels through- out Europe and North America, Cleek draws upon the memories of his journeys, distilling the flavor, ambiance, and romance of each architecturally and cul- turally diverse destination. Rich with color and texture, the signa- ture canvases of Cleek’s “Good Life Collection” are a fusion of classic romanticism with a con- temporary flair.

The Good Life Collection is exclusively represented by Harte International Galleries in Maui.

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