Intriguing Investor in the Community

Scott Goldie, the president of the Napa Valley Wine Train, has so much happening at work that it’s a challenge to learn more about him personally. The train is a natural for Goldie, whose grandfather was a railroad engineer, but he was born in Montana and grew up in Washington.

He studied international finance at George Washington University and got his MBA at Kellogg at Northwestern. His company is called Brooks Street and has evolved from a broker to an owner and operator of major projects. Its investments from San Diego to Napa include a plant nursery and cannabis farm in Santa Cruz, a hemp farm in Monterey and Santa Cruz and the new Angels stadium in Anaheim.

Goldie heads the Napa Valley Wine Train, which has been expanding dramatically under his leadership since they bought the train with Noble House Hotels & Resorts in 2015. The train came with 17 parcels in the valley not needed for train operations. Brooks Street has proposed a hotel with a grand train station to replace the existing station. It wants to build 55 employee housing units on the present Greenburg Motors lot. Noble House also owns the River Terrace Inn.Brooks Street owns Food City, the 1942 shopping center at Jefferson and Old Sonoma Road, and has proposed turning that space into a modern marketplace. It bought the First and Franklin tourist center and is transforming it into another marketplace and deli and also owns the Gelow, Borrenson building on the River at Soscol, where it plans a brewery, a distillery and apartments on the river. It’s a major supporter of the Rail Arts District displaying art along the tracks through Napa.

That all keeps Goldie busy, but when he’s not working, he loves to travel. He has three motorcycles and a 55 ft. Hatteras yacht in Emeryville for fun, but he’s too busy to fully enjoy them.


Article By: Paul Franson