Known for their exceptional flavor  profiles, the Napa and Sonoma valleys are home to some of the most preeminent wines in the world. For proprietors, Patrick and Becky Durbin, their commitment to conservation and passion for wine became the catalyst for Sea Bird Wines, a brand inspired by philanthropy. “All of our proceeds go to the conservation efforts of non-profit organizations whose mission is to protect and preserve the natural habitat of marine animals,” said Patrick Durbin. “Oceans and marine wildlife really matter to human   life.   Our wines are for service and not for profit.”

Celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary in 2010, Patrick and Becky were inspired to build a wine brand that would leave an imprint for generations to come. “I enrolled at UC Davis in 2011, and today, we are on our seventh vintage,” said Durbin.

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With a focus on quality, Sea Bird Wines produces Pinot Noir,  Chardonnay, and  Cabernet   Sauvignon. A collaboration between Durbin and consulting winemaker, Patrick Saboe, the   boutique   wine brand exudes elegance and is an authentic expression of the maritime regions of both the Napa and Sonoma Valleys.

“Patrick has been an exceptional mentor. He is  an  easy guy to work with, and we make a great  team,”  said  Durbin. “We have selected our vine- yards by reputation, and our grower partners produce some of the highest quality, sustain- ably farmed grapes across the valleys.”

“Making great wine is awesome, but having a purpose beyond profit has been even more moti- vating for us.”

Dedicated to producing premium  terroir-driven   wines that are expressive and well- balanced, grapes are sourced from renowned vineyards such as Robert’s Road, The G3 Vine- yard, Sonoma Stage, and Broken Rock. Offering an altruistic approach, Sea Bird Wines presents wine connoisseurs with a taste of terroir, which illustrates the passion behind the name.

“We are very connected to the ocean. We donate 100% of our profits and invest them in non-profit organizations,” expressed Durbin. “Making great wine is awesome, but having a purpose beyond profit has been even more motivating for us.”

Whether joining their flock or supporting their mission online, the premium wine brand delivers exceptional quality with a purpose. Where passion meets benevolence, Sea Bird Wines prevail.

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Article By: Valerie Owens