Drive Yourself With This Self Tour Wine App

It is like driving the famous wine valleys of Napa and Sonoma with a sommelier, three expert tour guides, and a small jazz band – all in your own back seat!

Ron Miziker created his line of SelfTour™ driving and walking tour Apps after being disappointed with many tours he had taken around the world with live guides and using other apps. He also wanted to utilize his wealth of experience in the entertainment industry.

During a Disney Creative Director and Producer and years with his own entertainment company he was fortunate to travel the world extensively. His shows ranged from network television primetime music specials with headliner performers to world- class events including four Super Bowl Halftime spectaculars, two Olympics, a World Cup and other sport event Opening Ceremonies, Presidential Inaugurations, long-running show attractions at Disneyland, Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland, Universal Studios and major casinos plus celebrations for leading corporations, Queen Elizabeth and the Sultan of Oman.  It’s estimated that over 2 billion people have seen Miziker’s shows.


“I wanted to bring my skills as a story teller and showman to creating not just tours, but experiences.”

“The Napa and Sonoma valleys are a challenge for tourists, particularly first-timers, because of the size of the area and private tours can be very expensive. The Napa and Sonoma Driving App uses uniquely innovative technology to solve both challenges.”

It not only uses GPS and turn- by-turn spoken directions to lead the user along the route, but the App also automatically activates the tour’s narration, while music and audio effects play at each appropriate location. The driver doesn’t have to do anything except drive. And the cost of the tour App is about the same as one glass of wine. 

Users can start the tour at any of its locations, stop anytime to explore and continue at one’s own pace. Dramatic music and sounds accompany the voice- actors’ narrations enhancing the listening experience.

For example, as you drive along the historic plaza in Sonoma, sounds of battle help the narrators recreate the tense atmosphere of the Bear Flag Revolt. A sommelier blends Jazz music with talks about appellations, varietals, and the uniqueness of wine grape growing. Tales of the area’s colorful earliest winemakers are dramatically told. Delightful back roads are beautifully explored.

Miziker added, “Everyone in the car listens and enjoys for the same single price. The area’s fascinating history, famous wineries, legendary characters and scenic spots are all experienced on this one-of-a-kind tour.”

For more information visit SelfTour.Guide to get your tour from this experienced entertainer.

Article by: Eve Bushman