Restores and Rejuvenates

With a tumultuous 2020 now in the rear-view mirror, a new year heralds hope and optimism. Celebrate with a mind, body, and soul refresh via the offerings at Silverado Resort & Spa. A California land- mark and a favored Napa Valley destination, Silverado has long been a desired venue for meetings, weddings, and special events, and its golf facilities have made it one of Northern California’s best spots for teeing-off. But this iconic resort offers so much more. Silverado checks all the wellness boxes through its culinary, recreational, and spa programs, pro- viding a one-stop-shop for personal renewal, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

Emphasizing experiential balance, Silverado and its sylvan setting are home to a variety of restorative activities for visitors and locals alike. Make a day of it with a spa treatment and a delicious lunch, or treat yourself to a “staycation” and book a  spacious  suite for the night and a round of golf on the championship golf course. Enjoy a game of tennis followed by crafted cocktails on the Mansion Terrace. Move-on to dinner prepared by Executive Chef Rodrigo Cuadra, whose menu is influenced by both personal experience and cultural zeitgeist and features both healthy options as well as indulgent extravagances.

“One of my personal de-stressors is ocean fishing and spearfishing,” said the classically trained Cuadra, a  former  acolyte of Chef Thomas Keller. “During this time of year, Sablefish and Black Cod are plentiful, and each is the perfect ingredient  for my soul-warming and healthy bouillabaisse, which guests will find on the menu. Fish is a low-fat, rich-in-calcium, high-quality protein filled with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins. What better way to fully refuel the body than bouillabaisse? Of course, everyone needs a little indulgence now and then, and guests will find that my Chocolate Crunchy Bar satiates a sweet tooth. Plated with mascarpone cream and candied hazelnuts, this rich, decadent dessert is best enjoyed with a good bourbon or rich red wine.”

For more than 65 years, Silverado remains more than relevant, meeting every moment with gracious hospitality that is current and contemporary.

At Silverado’s state-of-the-art spa, CBD products and treatments heed the call for calm. CBD, with its inflammation and pain-reducing properties, is a proven relaxation aid. CBD upgrades are available for most treatments, such as the Silverado Personalized 50 Minute Massage, which features professionally blended aromatherapy oils that boost immunity. This personalized treatment includes different techniques and pressures utilizing a blend of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage and assisted stretching to relax muscles. Silverado’s Spa boutique also offers varied CBD products such as bath salts, creams, and balms, allowing guests to take home a bit of their spa experience.

For more than 65 years, Silverado remains more than relevant, meeting every moment with gracious hospitality that is current and contemporary.  No matter that moment, Silverado always soothes.




Article By: Fran Miller