Staglin Family Vineyards 24th Annual Music Festival for Mental Health Broke Records $380 million has been raised to date for brain health and research.

Garen, Shari, Shannon and Brandon Staglin welcomed a sold-out crowd of 500 to their vineyard estate and large wine cave.  The family were seen walking around their cave during the wine tasting personally thanking the 75 vintners who donated their world-class wine to this special cause.  Many prominent Napa Valley wineries showcased their best offerings including Cult Wine Screaming Eagle, Continuum, Truchard, Corison, and of course, Staglin Family Vineyards. Chef Victor Scargle provided the bites and food samplings. 

Earlier in the day many patrons interested in brain health attended a mental health symposium led by Eric Nestler, MD, PHD, Dean for Academic and Scientific Affairs at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, where the latest research was discussed. 

Following the wine tasting, attendees moved to a covered tent where the Staglin Family addressed the crowd and updated them on what has been happening with brain research.

“In the 24 years since Napa Valley gave birth to and has nurtured the Music Festival for Brain Health, it has become the leading fund and awareness raiser for the brain in the nation,” stated Shari Staglin. “With over $380 million raised and several discoveries already helping millions, we’re excited about the geometric rise in success of science translating to effective prevention and treatments.”

US Congressman Mike Thompson from the Napa Valley praised the Staglin Family for their ever-vigilant effort to raise awareness to mental health issues and to reduce the stigma of brain disorders.  He also announced that son, Brandon Staglin is now president of One Mind and two days ago received his Master’s Degree in Mental Health.

Jennifer Hudson

Grammy-award winner, Jennifer Hudson then wooed the audience with her soulful voice and engaged with the audience. Incredible wine, awesome music with a back drop of scenic rolling vineyards dazzled attendees many of which return every year.  Donors and sponsors were then treated to a VIP dinner post the concert with acclaimed chef Christopher Kostow.

This year’s event raised over $5 million to benefit One Mind. In addition, the Staglin family and the One Mind Board of Directors announced that an additional $83 million in follow-up funding has been raised in 2018 bringing the 24-year cumulative total, including direct contributions and leveraged funds provided to scientists as a result of initial research funding from festival proceeds, to over $380 million dollars since 1995. One Mind has become the nation’s leading private-public mental health organization dedicated to curing brain-related diseases, including depression, schizophrenia, traumatic brain injury and bipolar illness, focusing on issues including funding, research, advocacy, open science principles, and anti-stigma.


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Donations to the Music Festival for Brain Health may be made on-line at or by sending a check to One Mind, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that sponsors the Music Festival. Please mail donations to: P.O. Box 680, Rutherford, Calif., 94573. The date for the 25th Annual Music Festival for Brain Health has been set for Saturday, September 14, 2019.


Story & Photos Courtesy of: Kari Ruel