Heart, Soul and Courage – Trenton Gregory

Trenton Gregory’s youthful energy feeds the passion that has fueled the more than half century of experience that infuses his varied artworks. As a fine arts artist that’s mastered many mediums, the Bay Area resident designs and executes custom residential and commercial pieces designed to inspire and provoke.

With the ability to span not only genres but also mediums, Gregory’s intuitive abilities combine with empathetic qualities derived from a lifetime of trials and triumph which have given him great strength and insights which are reflected in his breathtaking works.

Born on Catalina Island, Gregory’s artistic passion was influenced by his artist mother and his professional athlete father and their love of the natural world. At the age of 8, he received an invitation to showcase an inspired botanical watercolor study amongst those of seasoned adult professionals. His early love of illusionism, supernatural theatrical arts, and magic reveals itself in his current custom design work and fine art. As a young adult, his abilities were showcased in the abstract contemporary pieces he produced for San Francisco boutiques such as Dior, Chanel, Gucci, and Fendi.

trenton gregory

He collaborates with designers through- out the nation to manifest his clients’ visions with his unique and original perspective which he captures in his art, from the most intimate detail to the boldest brushstroke. His formative works reveal classical influences drawn upon his love of Roman architecture and Venetian aesthetic intricacy, and his competency with Venetian plaster, murals, and trompe l’oeil design led him to stately homes such as the Albert Farr Estate in Piedmont, where he oversaw a multi- million-dollar restoration of the French style chateau grand ballroom and orchestra quarters which provided him an exquisite background for his silver and gold leaf, hand painted marble and decorative wood graining, reflective of his love of iconic classical masters. Trenton has worked locally in collaboration with Mike Gianni, founder of Touch Plate Properties, and designer Nina Amouris, enhancing and creating fine art for custom home projects in Napa Valley with his hand painted designs.

When asked his intentions of how he wishes to inspire others through his work, Trenton Gregory wears his heart on his sleeve. “The Arts can facilitate a deeper understanding of each other as individuals. Whether it’s  a painting, music, poetry, fashion or design, art facilitates a deeper understanding amongst individuals and echoes throughout our communities allowing for a Global perspective. As an artist I am not paid for my labor, but for my courage, the courage to open my soul connect with others by sharing my deepest tragedies and purest joys and most of all my unique vision. For an artist to be able to offer a piece of their heart and soul is the most profound way to connect with someone’s life.”

Currently, Gregory’s work can be viewed at Design Haus in Walnut Creek where he collaborates with proprietor and designer Nina Amouris on compelling original works of art for both her clientele and showroom.


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Article By: Fran Miller // Photos By: Russell Houlston