A Tribute to Greatness: Dianna Lynn “Candy” Venge (DLCV)

The relationship between a Mother and son is deep-rooted. An unforgettable bond that is nurtured from infancy through adolescence. In a valley built on legacy and artisanship, maternal support can inspire, encourage and strengthen ambition. For Kirk Venge, the sudden loss of his Mother would spawn artistry through an expression of love through vinification.

Considered the “Mother” of Venge Vineyards, the late Co-Founder and Proprietor, Dianna Lynn “Candy” Venge left an eternal footprint. Passing away unexpectedly in 2011, Kirk paid homage to his Mother by producing DLCV in dedication and remembrance.

“What came from that initial thought was a skunkworks project seven years and now 6 vintages in the making,” said Winemaker and Proprietor, Kirk Venge. “We set out with the goal to produce the best barrel (25 cases) of Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon possible, and dedicate the work to my mother. A wine named appropriately, “DLCV.”

With a heritage in the valley and an aptitude for excellence, Kirk Venge acquired full ownership of the Venge brand in 2008 with the assistance of his Mother.  As the seed investor in her sons winery, Dianna supported Kirk’s dream and encouraged his vision and creativity. Today, the Venge family legacy continues to thrive.

“When I approached my family to buy the Venge brand and assets from my dad, my mother invested her life savings to help me purchase a 10-acre site in Calistoga to build my new winery,” said Venge. “There was no prospectus, no debt contract, just a filing of articles of incorporation and a trusting belief in my ability to build my legacy in Napa Valley. I was just 30 years old and it was a pivotal moment in my career, because without the investment, Venge Vineyards would not be where it is today.”

In its fifth vintage, the success of DLCV is based on years of experience, an expectation of quality and an appreciation for prodigious wine. Considered the benchmark of greatness for Venge Vineyards, DLCV is a limited production wine crafted to embody the strength and elegance of Dianna Lynn “Candy” Venge. Showcasing the region’s most renowned fruit, Venge Vineyards produces expressive wines composed of vibrant aromatics, depth, and complexity.

“The Cabernet Sauvignon DLCV from Oakville is a stunning Cabernet Sauvignon, showing notes of graphite, vanillin, copious quantities of blackberry and cassis, licorice, a full-bodied mouthfeel, great structure and intensity, plus a long, long finish,” said Venge. “Only 300 bottles, or one barrel, are produced each year of this wine. In all likelihood, this is a 50-year wine.”

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