Celebrating its Sixth Year

Take in exercise, fresh air, and enjoy art while taking a stroll through The Napa Art Walk. The collection is displayed vis a vis a curated mile and half walking tour that showcases regularly rotating installation art throughout downtown Napa. 

Every two years the collections change over,  and the  2019-21  exhibition  is the sixth rotation in this program. The Napa Art Walk program started in 2010 through the joint efforts of the City of  Napa and Arts Council of Napa Valley. Their mission was to promote giving back  to  the  arts  and to encourage businesses to integrate art into their developments. The objective is to enrich Napa’s cultural environment, promote public participation, and stimulate the downtown economy. This does so  by  positioning  Napa as an art destination. Over the past nine years the collection has featured 56 artists and 70 sculptures.

The theme for the sixth Napa Art Walk Exhibition is ‘Sense of Place.’ A jury of arts professionals selected eight sculptures to prompt the contemplation about the symbolic and physical relationship we have to the environment in which we live. A meaningful sense of place can motivate the individual and the masses to take ownership of their stories, to empower communities, and to spark understanding in our collective experience in shared spaces. Each artist portrays Sense of Place with their own meaning to define the concept of their work.

The artists chosen from the jury were from the western states of CA, ID, CO, NV, and OR. All of the sculptures in this exhibition are  for sale. Ten percent of all purchases made during the exhibition support future Napa Art Walk exhibitions.



Photos By: Infinity Visuals Photography