Intriguing Restauranteur

Being born into her family, Bettina Rouas was almost predestined to own a restaurant like Angèle. She was born and raised in San Francisco, where her father Claude Rouas owned famed L’Etoile, and her uncle owned equally renowned Fleur de Lys. Her father went on to launch Auberge du Soliel in 1981, where Bettina spent a lot of time in the kitchen. Her tenure includes working at Piatti with Giovanni and Donna Scala before joining them when they opened Bistro Don Giovanni and spent four years working in Yountville’s Michelin Star corridor, including four years at the French Laundry.

In the early 2000s, Bettina presented a proposal to her Father to open Angèle. Named after her mother, who died in World War II, it opened in the newly restored Napa Mill in December 2002. “It’s very French, an ode to my family,” she states, especially after a return to her roots four years ago. As in France, they use local organic produce.

Angèle’s casual vibe and delicious French fare have remained a mainstay on Napa’s list of dining options for locals and visitors alike for the past 17 years. Her success is attributable to her dedication to sourcing organic, local foods and treating all of her customers well – and they keep returning.

Article By: Paul Franson