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When Brasswood Bar + Bakery + Kitchen first opened, management’s  goal was to create a space in which locals felt at-home. A spot aimed at making Napa Valley residents feel special, where guest needs and re- quests are anticipated well ahead of them placing an order. With an estimated 70% of their clientele living in the area, that goal has been met with much success.

“We have the luxury of existing between two Napa Valley towns (St. Helena and Calistoga), each with a great sense   of community,” said Jennifer Bohr, the restaurant’s general manager. “Everyone from winemakers, other industry employees, hotel workers, and local families frequent the restaurant. Most days, tables are talking to other tables and sharing a laugh or glass of wine.”

But make no mistake, Brasswood welcomes with open arms those visiting or experiencing the valley for the first time, and the restaurant’s palpable sense of community spirit provides an authentic Napa Valley experience. “Imagine you are visiting Napa for the first  time, and as you bite into the luscious ‘Mozzarella al Minuto’, your server tells you  that the wine you are enjoying was made by the person at the table next to you,” said Bohr. “Visitors get to connect with the valley in a way that isn’t often accessible. We are proud of that.”

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Brasswood’s atmosphere is upscale yet cozy. The dining room is luxuriously warm and inviting. Most of the staff have worked together for years, forming a unified team. Executive Chef David Nuno and his lead sous chef Israel Gomez formerly worked in tandem at valley favorite Tra Vigne, during which time they honed their craft for making crave- able and delicious Napa-style comfort food with an Italian flair – dishes such  as warm egg and Brussels sprout salad, roasted beet salad, pork and beef meatball on three-cheese polenta, herb-crusted lamb chop, made-from-scratch pasta, and the famous house-made mozzarella – a secret menu item and must-have. Naturally, every dish is complemented by local and imported wines and creatively crafted cocktails.

“Our food is not stuffy or pretentious,” said Bohr, who acknowledges that restaurants often forget that hospitality is a large part of the dining experience.

“Most people want to be treated with kindness and interact with an accommodating staff that exudes confidence in the restaurant for which they work. Happy employees make for happy guests. We try to create an environment that is positive for our staff so that they can pass on that same joy to each guest that walks through the door.”

“I speak for our entire team when I say that we are proud of what we do. It is a privilege to serve Napa Valley with warm hospitality and great comfort food on this beautiful property.”


FOR MORE INFORMATION: www.brasswood.com

Article By: Fran Miller