Locals and Tourists Alike


Mike Flohr is an ideas man. He is already a successful small business owner and a dedicated teacher at Vintage High School, so after discovering a complimentary, tip-based ride service while visiting Scottsdale, Arizona, he realized that it was something special. Mike discussed with his stepson and Army veteran, David Munk, the possibility of offering a similar service in Napa, yet both understood that the Scottsdale model would not provide adequate or sustainable funding.

Over the next couple of years, Munk and Flohr waited until they felt Napa was ready for this type of service, using that time to define and create their business model. They contacted longtime family friend, Zach Zuniga, to assist in business development, marketing, and promotion. With his help, along with a few other friends and family members, they decided to collaborate with local wineries, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses in the form of advertorial sponsorships benefitting everyone involved.

The partnerships would subsidize the free ride service, which would, in turn, introduce riders to downtown Napa’s notable locales, reduce downtown traffic, decrease demand for parking, and help reduce air pollution.

The three Napa natives conceptualized Downtown Rides with both locals and tourists in mind. Zuniga shared that the company’s mission is to be an extension of hospitality that goes beyond the front doors of hotels, restaurants, wineries, and spas by providing guests with  a  continuous  experience  of kindness and generosity that is associated with Napa. “Although millions of tourists travel to Napa annually, it still feels like a small town. I cannot go anywhere without seeing someone I know, and I love it. I think having a friend on every corner is what keeps people coming back. We are good people, and we want to help take care of anyone who comes to our home,” said Zuniga.

Although  Downtown  Rides launched in February 2020, businesses like Downtown Joe’s Restaurant and  Brewery, Napa Valley G Experience, Small World, Bazan Cellars, Housley Napa Valley, The Grape Escape, and many others quickly recognized the value of the service. Concert, festival, and marathon organizers, as well as local farmers markets, have expressed interest, which will provide Downtown Rides more opportunities to serve the community. Downtown Rides is looking forward to not only growing its fleet of carts in Napa but also expanding into neighboring cities and wine regions that hold the same values and wish to provide a similar service.

As Napa reopens and returns to being one of the top travel destinations in the world, Mike and Cheri Flohr, David Munk, and Zach Zuniga are poised to safely serve travelers and residents. If one sees Downtown Rides happily driving around providing that Napa Valley experience, they are encouraged to honk, wave, or call to show support.


www.dtrnapa.com // 707-287-7003