In March 2022, Hello Garage – a national garage renovator provider specializing in 100 percent polyaspartic floor coating – opened in Vacaville and began servicing dozens of homes in the Napa Valley area. In less than a year, they were commissioned to revamp the flooring throughout Anheuser-Busch headquarters in Fairfield and garnered attention from wineries for the easy-to-clean and slip-resistant surfaces they install.

“We’re taking over the industry because polyaspartic is so durable,” said Dennis and Alisia Abramowicz, local owners of Hello Garage Napa. “It’s the strongest stuff on the market.”

The husband-and-wife owners moved to Fairfield when Dennis relocated to Travis AFB. After being stationed there for seven years, Dennis retired in 2014 and said the area “felt like home,” so they decided to plant permanent roots, which included starting a business of their own that could one day be handed down to their children. “In several military moves, the garage was often the most forgotten space of our homes. As if the unpacked boxes were stacked and ready to be shipped to the next garage only to be stored for the next move,” said the couple. “Now, having an organized, usable family space in the garage helps our home feel settled and permanent. We love that our family can help change this for our customers too.”

Though polyaspartic coating is often added as a compound that gets mixed into other materials used in garage flooring, the Abramowicz’s explain that Hello Garage is unique because they use 100 percent polyaspartic, which no other provider in the area is using. “The polyaspartic floor coating becomes one with the concrete,” said Dennis, “which allows it to physically bond with it and form an extremely durable surface that sets after just 24 hours and is UV resistant so that it won’t fade or peel over time. Even better is that since the polyaspartic must seep into the concrete, in many states that experience below-freezing temperatures, the treatments cannot be performed in winter: However, because the weather is warmer here, we can do it year-round,” he said.

Hello Garage Napa is one of 50 locations throughout the country (franchisee location #8540), but with the Abramowiczs personal connection to the region and business, it makes it feel as if they’re a boutique agency catering to an individual client’s every need, which includes garage organization systems and the national promise of a lifetime warranty for residential garages (and one year for commercial because of higher traffic).

For Dennis, it’s more than just selling floor coatings and cabinets. He shared, “We love seeing our customers’ faces when they first see their transformed garages. That really makes it all worth it.”

Curious customers seeking to jumpstart their New Year’s resolutions around organization and home improvement can inquire for a free estimate before committing.

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