Date Night with Phifer Pavitt Wines: A Magical Experience

Inscribed on every one of Phifer Pavitt’s wooden wine boxes is the phrase, ‘Wine is an expression of our approach to life; when you make time for what you love, magical things can happen.’ And magical things do happen every time a bottle of their wine is uncorked.

It all began on one of Suzanne Phifer and Shane Pavitt’s magical date nights, when Suzanne, a southern country girl from Ringgold, Georgia and Shane, a city boy from Manhattan Beach, California, met. She grew up in the country and Shane grew up in a small beach town, yet their conservative backgrounds were solidly steeped in family, integrity, and kindness. With those foundation values at their core, the duo was destined for longevity – and now, so are their wines.

Together, the two have made every important family and business decision dur- ing their special, once-a-week date nights. It was on one of those nights in 1999 that they made a life-altering decision to begin their wine brand and later, open Phifer Pavitt Wines in 2011. The blend of hard work, love, and talent has proven magical. The couple takes pride in everything about running their own winery. “I love watching people experience Phifer Pavitt wines when they walk into our Eco Barn for their first tasting experience with us,” said Suzanne. “It’s the sparkle in their eye that occurs when they realize that they have found a new Napa Valley gem.”

Their unwavering attention to detail in their wines and their personal dedication to their clients is what sets them apart from other wineries. What they always hear from their clients is, ‘we love the wine and especially the story and the people behind it.’ “Wine brings people together,” said Suzanne. “I have been known to say more than once, that most of the world’s problems could be solved over a meal and a great bottle of wine.”

The two strive to make the world a bet- ter place, starting with their family, their wines, and those involved in the wine production. ‘Surround yourself with clever happen,’ is what Suzanne and Shane firmly believe, and the two continually surround themselves in generosity by giving back to others, specifically to the Boys & Girls Club of Calistoga and St. Helena, as well as the Calistoga Community Pool Project. “We re- ally focus our philanthropic efforts on our community and on children,” said Suzanne. Suzanne divulged that another date night is just around the corner, when they will take a special trip to Kentucky. “We are headed to Bardstown, Kentucky to officially unveil our Phifer Pavitt Reserve Bourbon, which was finished in our wine barrels,” said Suzanne. “We started with an eight year Bourbon and have been aging it in Phifer Pavitt cabernet barrels since May 2017. It’s also been a great honor to work with a Hall of Fame, Master Distiller, Steve Nally, and to blend my Napa Valley life with my southern roots. It’s a very exciting project and we can’t wait to share it with our clients.”




Article By: Charlene Earley